Spring Lim Edition Pics From My Lv Store!!

  1. My Saks LV had some lim edition bags on display today....LOL...Here r some spy pics!!


  2. [​IMG]

  3. OMG! Loves the pulp. I'm loving all these spy pics on the forum lately. LOL. I wanna buy one of the hidden lapel cameras. Can't wait to fondle these IRL.
  4. WOAH! I really want to see these IRL =)
  5. Thanks for posting those Jill!! I bet they were fun to look at IRL!!! Did you get anything?
  6. I actually kinda like the first 2. when i first saw them i thought they were hideous
  7. Jill -- which Saks? And are they available for sale to we mere mortals?
  8. Thanks for sharing, Jill!:flowers:
  9. cool! thanks for sharing!
  10. Know my Lv store got in the GM weekender for sale, along with the Le Limelights in both colors today
  11. LOVE THEM but the plastic one looks cheap.

    Jill you know the black bag in pic 3, it keeps changing colour :confused1: maybe its just my pC but its so weird LOL
  12. ok it just stopped :shrugs::confused1:
  13. In all honesty,Im not a fan of these bags actually..hehe...

    My SA was kind enough to take these pics and send to my iphone.I didnt see them IRL..Tay is home sick today so I couldnt go!
    This is the SAKS in PA.
  14. Love the clutches and the second bag in the first post... :love:
  15. Wow Jill excellent spy work, thanks! Were they for sale or was it a trunk show?

    I know some of these bags had a release date of today, but the Watercolor Pap is not supposed to be out until March 15th according to my SA. Could you purchase the Pap? TIA