Spring Balenciaga 2009, Saks Feb. 12 EGC

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  1. From my Sa:"

    We finally got in our spring lookbooks so I now know exactly whats coming in for Balenciaga. Here's what Saks purchased. Keep in mind, most of this stuff has not yet arrived in stores and I'm not sure about availability. As you well know, sometimes stores only get one or two of a particular color and style. I will keep checking on the orders, but let me know if there is a particular style you are interested in and I can start a waiting list.


    Here's the styles purchased:
    The City
    Colors: Black, Framboise, Granny, Maldives, Officier Navy
    The Day Hobo
    Colors: Black & Maldives
    The Work
    Colors: Black & Maldives
    The Giant Day Hobo
    Colors: Black
    The Giant City
    Colors: Anthracite, Officer Navy, Maldives, Granny & Framboise
    The Giant Folder
    Colors: Black, Maldives, Officer & Praline
    The Giant covered Pom Pon
    Colors: Maldives
    Giant Covered Midday
    Colors: Granny
    Cherche Midi Mini
    Reminder: Our next EGC event is on Feb 12th, with pre-sell starting this thursday.
    Have a great week ladies and I hope to hear from you soon!"

    Now Chanel, Gucci , Jimmy Choo and Prada are excluded from the event. At least we could get Belenciaga.:yahoo:
  2. Thanks for the info!! Can you PM me your SA's info? Thanks so much!!
  3. How exciting! Thanks for the heads-up!
  4. What is an EGC event ?
  5. When will these bags come in to the store???
  6. Saks also bought the weekender in praline & black and the part time in black, maldives and granny. I was told that delivery was between 2/1 and 4/10 and they still weren't sure when and who was getting what..
  7. I asked about Sanguine and was told Saks didn't order Sanguine at all! :sad:
  8. This is when you get a gift card if you spend a certain amount of money...EGC stands for electronic gift card.

  9. :bump:
  10. the buys were done to grenwich, chevy chase, new orleans, boca raton, new orleans, san antonio and one or two other ones I cant think of right now...maybe naples?
  11. i love balenciaga!