Spring Baby

  1. Hi everyone!

    I checked the web pages of Saks / NM / Bluefly yesterday and what did I run into at NM, if not this pretty baby?


    She's only $ 350 (!!!) and gorgeous for spring I think. After Easter holiday, I will check the store here in town that sells Burberry if they have her in, otherwise I'll have to order her from NM.

    She will be perfect with cute flats and a short white jersey dress. Or what do you girls think?
  2. I think she if gorgeous. I love the rain boots that come in that pattern. I think if you can find it go for it and it is perfect for spring.
  3. Adorable!! Perfect for spring and summer!!
  4. It is really cute.
  5. Really cute- hope you buy her!
  6. oh I like it..the colour combo is great
  7. It's great for Spring/Summer. If you get it, post pics!
  8. I think so too! I bought a white jersey dress some days ago and it would be the perfect match!

    And if I do - of course I'll post pics! Have to share the spring joy. :yes:
  9. super cute.
  10. its so cute..v refreshing choice of colors
  11. I love the colors! Definitely makes me think of spring and summer!
  12. Bummer, they didn't have her at the store here in town. A weekend in the capital soon maybe? Or I'll just order her from NM next week. Have to have my credit card signed up with my 'new' US address first in order to be able to use the credit card.

    Poor card, I have a feeling that she will have to work hard in the future...
  13. so cute
  14. I have found this a few times before, I think Burberry makes different styles for NM than they carry in the Burberry store.
  15. that is really cute! i've been eyeing this style in the novacheck for a while, but these colors are so perfect for summer/spring. i wonder why it's so cheap! esp compared to the identical novacheck counterpart..