Spring 2016 F&F Event

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  2. 40% off dresses, jumpsuits and sandals at Nordstrom. Sale ends Thursday at 9am EST. Click or tap to shop the sale!
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  3. Real Talk on PB: Should you Spend or Save Your Stimulus Check?. What would you do with an extra $1,200?
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  1. Just saw this in my inbox from my SA regarding the upcoming sale ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460488006.495911.jpg
  2. Finally we have the full details. I'm scheduled to shop with my SA on the 19th. See in the chat thread regarding the Saks discount. I know it doesn't take much to reach $750.... But ugh.
  3. Thank you so much for sharing this information! I was planning on getting a pair of Sally wedges and a Mercer shoulder bag soon anyways. Great reason to pull the trigger.
  4. Thank you for posting!
  5. Another detail is that during the dates listed in the email (15th to 20th), you HAVE to have an appointment with an SA. My SA said that she cannot give anyone the discount unless they email her first and are her clients. Non-clients have to wait until the 21st. So go get in contact with someone at your stores to shop early!
  6. There are some new items added to the sale page today for anyone shopping tomorrow on the pre sale.
  7. No minnie for me
  8. Guessing Tory Sport is excluded?

  9. I hadn't seen that tote yet...cute
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460821847.145537.jpg

    Yes looks like Sport is excluded. I got the early access offer but I'm shopping in the boutique on Tuesday and I just noticed that code is for a one time use only! Why on earth would they limit someone shopping more than once? 30% off is really not that special, most of the items I want will probably be reduced in a few months and to more than the discount they are offering now. I'm actually buying mostly clothes this time and I would probably wait but I want a couple of items for a vacation in May.

  11. See below
  12. I probably won't even shop this sale, I've noticed so many styles end up at the outlet within 3 months marked down anywhere from 30%-50% and then there's always in-store promos too. Alongside that I'm pretty bag content but then again I'm too focused on exams and spent quite a bit at Sephora this past week during the VIBR sale.
  13. I was pretty good with the sephora sale..just a Laura Mercier shadow compact.
  14. Does anyone have an SA contact willing to do a pre-sale to a new client like me? Pls. Pm. TIA!!!