Spring 2007 bag help

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  1. If anyone can answer this..u ladies can

    Anybody know if all the runway bags make it to the stores. I the latest Spring 2007 LV runway show there was this adorable polk-a-dot bag. Anybody know anything about it....thanx.
  2. Here..I added some pics..that might help

  3. I briefly spoke with my SA about the bags today but we didn't get too far. I was mainly worried about the shoes! LOL

    Those are lovely bags though...I am interested in the quilted looking ones as well.
  4. I like those too..but it's the rope handel's that throw me off...
    There was a blog I read last night about those being the new "IT" bags.
  5. every new runway bag LV produces is always the "IT" bag for the season :yes: