Spotted Rouge H Birkin....

  1. I just saw this Rouge H Chevre 35 Birkin on Ebay: auction n° 320001399030 (sorry don't know how to post link:shame: ) It seems a good deal to me, legit seller and fair price....Just thought I'd point it out....:flowers:
  2. Yeah, that's right, thanks for posting the link! ( I must learn how to do it!):yes:
  3. on the URL and then "copy". Go back to wherever it is you want to put the link and then "paste". Hopefully, that should do it!
    (took me awhile to figure it out....I'm not a computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination!!)

    That bag is TDF and a REALLY good buy! 35cm Rouge H Chevre Birkin for $6,000 and change???? Yikes!
  4. Wow, that's a bargain, as if one can really say that about Hermes!
  5. I really want a chevre...but with all the colors I would take, rouge is not one of them I really favored. Figures.

    What do you all think of this auction? Any thoughts...
  6. Stunning and real and amazing price. KB, are you sure you don't like rouge H in chevre? :smile:
  7. I'm with you there, Greentea. Amazing price and it's the real deal....chevre take color beautifully. I'll bet this baby looks stunning IRL!!!!
  8. KB....the only thing I can say about this auction is that the seller hasn't taken pics that get close to the actual color of Rouge H. If you're not familiar with Rouge H you'd think this bag was Vermillion!

    wait! Maybe Rouge H in Chevre looks brighter than say in Box or Chamonix????????

  9. Maybe I should ask if I can get more pictures. Are you all convinced it is 100% authentic? I am not the best at all that through the person I am much better.
  10. Love it - go for it!!! No waiting lol!!!
  11. It is absoluutely authentic and from a wonderful seller. It is a great deal!
  12. KB....definately ask for more pics and express interest. I'd want better pics of the color....

    Chevre has that slight sheen to really grabs hold of color. This Birkin is really a beauty.....and the price is good for a 35cm in this leather!
  13. yes it does indeed but in reality it is still darker then vermillion or rouge viv.:flowers:
  14. Oh wait KB. They're away until after July them anyway!