Spoiler markups for the TV&Cinema section?

  1. Just wondering whether it would be at all possible to add some kind of spoiler marking to that section? The IMDB boards have this thing where you can mark your text as spoiler and the the reader has to move the cursor on the marked text so it will show up for him. An example can be seen here:


    lol, don't even know if that is needed but I just thought it might be a nice touch because a lot of people aren't always up to date on the shows but still would like to discuss them :shame:
  2. that's a good idea, i think. maybe we could have spoilers like that:


    then you have to click on the spoiler + and there is the text.
  3. thanks RoseMary .... what I'm doing right now is writing in white ... lol

    So people don't HAVE to read what I'm writing (<--- mark to read)
  4. yeah, i see it, lol.
  5. I love that idea that happened in the LOST thread I'm just a couple of days behind and I like to follow the thread but info gets posted just before I get to see it that kinda spoils it, it's a great tip I could hug you for it lol!
  6. I wanted to bump this up to see whether spoiler bars would be possible. It would be especially helpful for the television threads, where people are posting about an ongoing series and some people just want to discuss what has been happening in the show while other people want to post and read spoilers about what is to come. Then if people posting in the threads aren't aware of it, at least others can ask them to please start using the spoiler bars for future plot points or results in reality competitions.

    Some sites where television is discussed keep separate threads for spoiler discussions, too, which may become a bit cumbersome but is another option. And then other sites do use the white font method as Kittie illustrated, although that would probably require a sticky in the forum to explain when and how to do that.

    I understand TPF is not predominantly a television site so any consideration you might be able to give this suggestion is much appreciated! :flowers:
  7. can I ask, because I don't understand. . . ?

    If you're reading a TV/movie thread isn't it's whole premise based on what's hapenning on the show? What I mean is, if I DVR a show, and it takes me a day or 2 to watch it I deliberately stay out of that thread so it's not spoiled. KWIM?
  8. ^I know what you mean and I agree that if you're not caught up on a show then you should stay out of any threads about it if you don't want to know what's happening.

    Spoiler tags, on the other hand, help when future events in a show are being discussed that haven't actually aired yet. Often times future plot points are leaked online for scripted shows or who the finalists are can sometimes be leaked for reality shows. There are definitely a lot of rumors and speculation that float around, too, but actual events do get leaked.

    For example, the whole thing with the Bachelor last season about dumping Melissa had been leaked online by a reliable source well before the finale aired. So it's natural that it would be discussed within the Bachelor thread, but not everyone wants to know what's going to happen in their shows down the road and seeks out that kind of information. Spoiler tags are a common way for those who want to discuss it to still be able to discuss it, while those who don't want to know can avoid it. It's helpful for shows like True Blood or Gossip Girl, too, which are based on book series because those who have read the books can sometimes end up discussing upcoming characters or events.

    I understand this wouldn't be a priority or anything for TPF due to the nature of the site, but since I ran into spoilers in a few threads and there was already this request floating around, I figured it couldn't hurt to bump it up!
  9. Oh for sure! :tup: Hopefully Vlad will check it out - he is always very open to stuff like this :biggrin:
  10. I think that's a good idea.

    I usually just post things in white.

    Or, I'll wait until I'm pretty sure people in both time zones have seen something before I start posting about it.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! :flowers: I'll consider myself lucky if this makes it onto Vlad's to-do list around number 5,782,943! :lol:
  12. LOL! That's about right :yes:
  13. This is a good idea in theory, but there are more practical ways to go about it. As caitlin said, just post the spoiler text in white and that should do.
  14. I hope this happens, I never can read the tv thread b/c people ruin it for me
  15. It would be great for TV/movies section and book discussions, etc.