Spin Off: NON US products you Love?

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  1. So we have the US proucts you love thread I'd love to hear what other products you like from Countries other than the US. Any products at all that you can't typically get in your Home country.
  2. *gasp* Oh YEAH!!!!


    ....anything Aussie.
  3. Siciliy
    Italian Gelato
  4. Nivea makes this AMAZING rose lip balm that I can only find in Russia. It's the greatest lip balm I've ever found, but you can't get it in the U.S.
  5. Is Nutella non-US? :heart:
  6. Vege Mite

    And, my all time favorite that no matter how hard i try, i can't seem to get in any of the stores here. This is NY-ok, it's Brooklyn, but still!

    oh-I love them! Every single time I am in a gourmet store or any international food store, I looked for them. drooooooooooool
  7. Okay, well I know this doesn't strictly follow the rules, but I'm in UK and we don't get them here - LUCKY CHARMS, the cereal that makes kids hyper. We used to have it, until it got banned:sad: Please bring it back!!!
  8. Mmmmmmmmmm Nishi! TimTams!!!! I'm down to my last few packets and inhaled two this afternoon with a coffee, probably the BEST biscuit on the face of the earth :drool:
  9. Tim Tams are the BOMB!!!

  10. hey you get over to the US products we love thread :p J/k.

    Selfridges sell lucky charms but they are about £6 a box
  11. I love Coleman's Mustard from the UK. Actually I love all condiments from the UK. HP sauce, Birds Custard, Walker Crisps, Yorkshire Pudding, mincemeat pie.
  12. OH yes!!! In honduras they have these Care free pads in black , and dove spray deodarant and also Thick Pads for thong..... its awesome. Whenever my parents come to visit me i tell them to bring me lots of each.
  13. I love asian stores, because I can get vegetables and such there I can't get anywhere else:

    -Lotus root, bok choy, eggplant, etc.
    -Melty Kiss
    -Japanese cakes (one store in my area makes cakes in that tasty, light, fruity Japanese style, and they beat out all American cakes!!) Plus any other Japanese style cakes
    -Edamame (could live off it!!)
    -Any Japanese peach-flavored or Strawberry flavored items!

    Other countries:

    -Pickled cactus
    -Turkish delight
    -Jordan Almonds :drool:
  14. ^wow all that sounds Yummy especially the japanese cakes.... MMMMMM i love cake!!!
  15. You could have my first born child for a few packages of those Cal!