Spin off: How many CLs got the boot from your closet?

  1. Are there any CLs that you have loved and lost due to sizing, lack of comfort, unpredictably unflattering or not holding up well?

    For me they are:

    1. Gwenissima in black leather. Ordered a 37.5 from nap and they ended up being too large.

    2. Miss Marple in black leather. Was sent a 37.5 on a charge send from Saks and they were too big.

    3. Decolzep in "luggage" leather with wooden platform. Bought a 37.5 and was extremely uncomfortable. I was not 100% in love with the visible platform.

    4. Metallika. Again, too large. Decided they were not very practical for my wardrobe.

    5. Satin Very Prives: A SA entered the wrong info when I was looking for the kid leather.

    6. Burma Very Prives: Decided I wanted the patent leather instead.

    7. Kid leather VP: Returned because I could not justify having both the patent and kid leather in black. I then decided I wanted them and two months later we were reunited.

    8. Catwoman: If they had an adjustable strap they would be keepers.
  2. i think about three. at least, that's what i remember. one i don't really know. the second was a pair i hated to part with but they were too high. they were still brandnew when i sold them, but i hate that i couldn't wear them. the third were grey slingbacks that i loved too but somehow i can't wear slingbacks. i make a weird noise when i walk. am i the only one? :confused1:

    p.s. i regretted the second pair i mentioned so much, i kept a pic of them as a memento.
  3. Well I just sent back a pair of espadrilles and some helmuts, both because of sizing issues:crybaby:.
  4. 1) nude patent yoyos size 38.5, sold for discomfort
    2) nude patent yoyos size 39, sold for discomfort...lol
    3) python simples size 39, sold because they were too big on me
    4) black suede yoyo slingbacks, sold because I knew I would never wear them and only bought them because they were $280
    5) nude kid simples, (selling) because the color against my skin tone is not flattering

    As far as returns, I've returned a few for fit or what not. My biggest heartbreak was when I had to take back my black/red architeks due to sizing.
  5. I found the black mouche on sale months ago for about $300, but because they were too big on me, I ended up selling them. I have regretted it ever since, especially since that shoe is still full price at most retailers.:shrugs:

    I sold my canvas espadrilles because they were hell to walk in. And I sold the python activas because they were just too small on me.
  6. Simple Pumps-sold because I wanted to buy something else. I have regretted it so much that I'm thinking of buying another one.

    Iowa Zeppas-they kind of hurt my feet.

    Fabric VP-I just didn't like them anymore.

    Rafia Slingback-it was a liitle short on my feet. I need a size 40.5 instead of 40.
  7. ooooooooo What size were the Hemuts? Where did you return them,? lol Im dying for a pair!

    I sold my Sabotage & trying to sell my Mad Marys(size issues)
  8. I sold a pair of green helmuts (they were TDF) but they were too big!! :sad:
    I had to return my nude patent flats because they were so uncomfortable and kid leather VP's because of sizing too.
  9. I sold my wedge espadrille because they wre a bit too small...
  10. SOLD:

    Rolando blk leather 38.5-loved them just didnt wear them due to being so high and i dont go out that much.

    The person selling the nude kid simples...what size are they? and are they going on eBay?
    I would like them:yes:!!!
  11. I had to send back the 38 yoyos due to discomfort. If they had not finally located a larger size I would not have yoyos.
    I sent back the new black and white espadrilles. They were a little too wide and felt they gapped on my feet.

  12. ahhhhhhhhh! i want a pair of Gwennisimas! i've been dying to get a pair but i can't find any... does anyone have any intel on where i'm still able to get a pair? :graucho: hehe.. and how do the sizes run?

    i have the same issues like you regarding the Miss Marples. i got them half size bigger because the true size had my toes all poking out. they looked weird but half a size bigger was.. worse. lol i did custom made leather heel grips and now they look like what it did when i tried on the true size. hell i never wore those again and they've been sitting in my closet! :s:push:
  13. i sold the nude patent leather very prive with the gold tip because i thought i was too pale to really pull off that colour and have regretted it since.

    i sooo need to get another pair so i can move on with my life!!
  14. ^ LOL :yes: ITA!! i didn't get them when i tried them on in the boutique cause i am too fair and they looked pale on me... and i've been living in regrets ever since :sad:
  15. 38.5 and on ebay :smile: