Spill it...What have you been spending your Chloe Dollar on This sales season?

  1. I am borrowing the title from Jag, and am wondering if Chloe ladies are buying anything else than Chloe?

    I am guilty as such, as I bought my holy grail of bags for Christmas, found it on eBay, and here it is:

    LV Eye Need You:yahoo::yahoo:

    Now I am happily going on a ban for 6 months....Now, an escape clause... if any of the Chloe Purple/lucite lock Bay/Paddy/whatever goes on sale within the next 6 months, I am buying!:p
    eye need.JPG
  2. I had already bought a moka quilted medium Bay for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it. WHAT?? - she is wearing it already? I am guilty -what can I say. Hard to keep a thing like that under wraps. And then I just received my Heloise satchel in black today from Bluefly. WHoa - what a bag!!! I will be keeping it somehow even if I have to trade it out for a better deal from somewhere else. Bluefly has a ninety day return policy! Thank God...
  3. Well...other than my Quilted bay, my newly traded Mousse front pocket paddy and coming soon Ava (bought from TPFER) I have my eye on the YSL Downtown is Purple.:love: Just waiting till the price is right!

    Did someone say BAN? What ban...I know nothing about that!!!:angel:
  4. Okay I'll belly up to the bar. I sold a bag (yea) so I'm comtemplating a quilted Bay myself. Mona you have a quilted Bay? (sorry I can't keep tabs)? Did you post a modeling pic? I want to see!
  5. Its hard to keep track of who got what and who returned what! We are such a crazy bunch....

    These are my pics:
  6. Yes! I remember now. That quilted Bay looks fabulous on you. The color is very pretty as well. This is a good reference thank you.
  7. No problem...what colour are you thinking of getting? I also love the moka!!

  8. Laughing Epice. Don't you remember I tried to twist everyone's arm to purchase that color because I thought it was the new red but really it's more orange so now I think I want it?????????:yes:
  9. i've been spending mine on shoes !! miu miu and louboutin.. ugh.. i really want to get that argent paddy on net-a-porter!
  10. I have finally bought a small chocolate Betty on eBay which is on her way here... The seller hasnt given me a tracking number yet, which is getting on my nerves, but my new baby should be here around Monday...
    I can't wait!
  11. I just bought my first Bbag last weekend, a City in cinnamon/mogano. Also, my mini paddy-- black on black-- arrived yesterday. I LOVE it. I made my husband go out to the living room last night where I left her so she could be in the same room with us as we slept. I just couldn't leave her out in the dark, alone.:shame:
  12. I know what you mean! I saw the CUTEST, MOST AMAZING Chloe boots at Saks the other day on sale for 865. They were almost mine...(see previous post on what may have stopped me). It came down to a tough decision. The boots were brown...so smooshy and good, but I always overwear brown boots/shoes, so I opted not to buy them for fear of ruining them!