Spied a Black Spy 30% off

  1. At Bloomingdales in Century City, CA. It was sitting there big as day on the 30% off table. Just in case anyone's interested.
  2. there is one in sf bloomies too!
  3. does this happen often? :cursing:
  4. not on the leather bags! i don't really understand why this would make you angry, though--unless you already paid full price for a black one.
  5. I think Jomashop has had black spies at 30% off for a while.
  6. I saw a black satin baby spy at SF Bloomies yesterday and it was 30% off. The body was satin but the handles were leather. Very cute!
  7. yeah i paid full price for a black leather one, but im glad to hear its not on the leather ones
  8. Sux.. I thought it's the leather one in bloomie for sale.. I'm looking for a black spy bag~:graucho:
  9. Black patent is much better looking than black leather one.

    Satin and Denim spys should go on sale for 75% off like the Moncler.
  10. There's a black leather spy on jomashop.com
  11. Is it Authentic? I've never purchased from them before~