spiaggia mama mia?

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  1. After seeing all the spiaggia pics, I decided I really love this print! I usually buy stellinas (I have 3 now), but I think this time around I want something different since I want to capture the whole print on the bag. The mama mia seems like it would be ideal for me since it's about the same size as the stellina. Does anyone know if mama mias are being made for spiaggia? Thanks. :smile:
  2. Since the only place that has gotten Spiaggia in is Pulse and since Pulse, for some unknown reason, doesn't get Mamma Mias, no one knows for sure yet.

    My guess is that it is being made.
  3. Who knows? I would LOVE it in a MM, though!! I could have sworn Casey told me they discontinued the MM but I read some other people were told that it's just that Casey's state isn't getting it, etc. Who know?! But if it DOES come out in MM, that's one I'll be patient on and wait for a good deal on e-bay. I don't like this "paying retail" crap that I did with the zucca and denaro. *lol*
  4. LOL I'm just like you, I adore stellinas and have three but now I want something different as well and I was actually planning on gettng a mamma mia for spiaggia too! So I really hope that it does come out in mamma mia...
  5. Me too I'd like a mamma mia in spiaggia :love: The BV looked good in it. Patiently waiting... hopefully it'll be able to capture the ocean on one side and the beach on the other! Peeerfect placement :biggrin: