SPENDING 6000 what would u buy

  2. Presents for my family and dearest friends!!!
  3. i would get this eye dare you travel bag & the rest of the budget will go to my mom
  4. ^^^ Wow
  5. I would get suhali L'epanoui GM for me and some other bag for my mom and sister and if I have some $$ left will get some kind of accessory for my mom in law
  6. i would get a suhali piece, manhattan pm, a damier carry on luggage, the damier koala agenda with the agenda pen plus refill, and a wallet. hehe... =D

    the rest of the money (if i have any left) would be used towards more shoes and clothes. =p
  7. Definitely a Suhali piece or I would get that Black and White doctor bag that is due out in the fall. Love that bag!
  8. I would get the Pegase 60, Suhali Lockit PM in white, and the white MC Speedy.
  9. Wow - I just picked 3 bags and they ended up totalling $6000!
    Le Fab - $3450
    Denim Baggy PM - $1160
    Manhattan PM - $1390

    Weird huh?
  10. [​IMG] [​IMG]Monogram Lockit PM 770.00

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Damier speedy 25 595.00

    [​IMG] Louis Vuitton 690.00

    Batignolles Horizontal $815.00

    [​IMG] Antigua Cabas GM $750.00 No sure what color..

    Pochette Accessoires $280.00

    Damier Saleya PM $855.00

    [​IMG] In Frambroise Small Ring Agenda $300.00

    with $$186 Left over :biggrin:

  11. I actually went to elux and put ~$6000 worth into my shopping bag for this...

    White MC Trouville $1330
    Pochette Tikal $525
    Monogram zippy wallet $560
    Monogram Speedy 25 $595
    Manhattan PM $1390
    Damier Koala wallet $560
    Denim Pleaty $1150

    Total: $6110
    4 bags, 2 wallets, 1 pochette. Not bad.
  12. Suhali L'Ingenieux
    Monogram Carryall
    Monogram Pegase 60

    Total: $5840:yahoo:
  13. Hmmm....

    Alzer 80 with a red and black star painted on the top middle, and my initals underneath that.
    Some RTW
    Pegase 70
  14. Oh gosh, that was way too much fun...

    Damier Duomo $1,270.00
    My current most-coveted bag. Yum.

    Epi Speedy 25 Red/Silver $885.00
    Because it's red! And Speedy!

    Monogram Vernis Koala Wallet Framboise $630.00
    Ohhh, the gently glittering color and snappy closure...

    Mono Mini Ellipse $465.00
    Just because it's cute.

    Monogram Canvas Koala Agenda PM Rose $350.00
    The delicious pink lining!

    Damier Rift $690.00
    The perfect camera case.

    Mono Keepall 55 with Shoulder Strap $1,080.00
    For my fiance, who appreciates quality and usefulness, and travels often.

    Utah Men's Compact Wallet Cafe $615.00
    For my teenage son, who loves wallets even though he's always putting them thru the wash.

    Total: $5,985.00
  15. Before taxes?:shame: :rolleyes: :lol:

    Saleya PM
    Epi Speedy 25 (Mocha or Red)
    Suhali Lockit PM (Black)
    Wapity (Mono)
    Mono Canvas Porte-Tresor International
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