Speedys overdone?!

  1. I heard someone say that Speedys are "overdone" because "EVERYONE has one." I was trying not to verbally smack this person because I think that statement is ridiculous! :cursing: "Everyone" has a Speedy because it's classic and will always be in-style. I may only have one Speedy, but I definitely want more! :heart:

    What are your thoughts?

    (Forgive me if this has been discussed before--I couldn't find a similar entry when I did a search.)
  2. I don't think speedy is overdone. like you said it's a classic and classy style. Everybody need a speedy IMO ;)
  3. i love it!

    who cares what others think.. hoenslty i think the speedy is classic thats why everyone has one..
  4. I love speedys. It's such a perfect bag. Just easy to grab and go. I guess that's why they are called "speedy". Plus, they always look great.
  5. Ridiculous! I just bought my first Speedy and I can honestly say its the best bag I've ever bought. Its just classy and perfect! :yes:
  6. speedy is a classic! no one can go wrong w/this one and thats y its so popular!
  7. Yah, everyone has a pair of jeans too! Is that overdone? Of course not. It's a staple in high fashion and everyone must have a speedy!
  8. I love it.
  9. i dont care what others carry or what they think of my bag. my speedy was the best value for money.
  10. i love it too, can't get enough :smile: ...i don't think its overdone...its an everyday kind of bag
  11. I agree that everyone and their mom probably has a speedy, but that's whats so great about. It's such a versatile bag thats super classy!
    It will always be my favorite lv bag!
  12. I must say, I love all my bags but my Speedy has to be my favorite (and it was my 1st too!)
  13. It really depends on your personal opinion. i do think that there are far too many speedies around and so i tend to stick with the LE speedies which i don't see on every other person trotting down the street. you are right the speedy is a classic but its also way overexposed.
  14. I think the speedy if def a classic but there are way too many out there and there are just so many fakes, you walk down the side walk in NY and they are selling them right on the street. I tend to only purchase less popular bags but I do think the speedy is very nice, if you love it then wear it, who cares!
  15. I think once you reach an iconic status, it's not so much overdone as everyone ought to have one ! :yes: