speedy & toddlers

  1. do they mix, in your experience?
  2. If you are asking if this would be a good bag to carry if you have a toddler I would say NO. You need a shoulder bag so your hands can be free. Just my experience. The Noe is a great bag to carry when you have kids.
  3. I would have to agree with gillianna. I can't imagine having a handbag while trying to chase after a toddler. Most of the time, I just put what I needed in my pocket or diaper bag and didn't carry a purse.
  4. I'm thinking the toddler should stay away from the vachetta.
  5. hand held bags are tough with toddlers
  6. I have two epi speedies, no real problems here, but I do have the straps for them in the bags just in case. ;) Depending on what we are going, I might select a shoulder bag, but the speedy works fine too.
  7. It gets better when the kids get older, though. My speedy (25) is good for carrying a small jacket, some snacks and maybe a paperback. My life (and my son's) is in that bag!
  8. I don't have a toddler anymore....but I carry a lot along with my 4 year old and it works.
  9. No, you will need a shoulder bag. But you can always use the speedy when you're out alone.
  10. It's tough with a speedy but definately doable!
    I've got both and most days I can work it.
  11. I always use my speedies and I have a 2 year old. No they do not mix...its a pain in the butt!! But, I love my speedies so much, I just try and deal with it. I just bought a musette, which works great...hands free!!:smile:
  12. I think a shoulder bag works better when you have toddlers in tow. How about a BH?
  13. BH, Petit Noe, Noe, Cabas Mezzo, and Tulum GM would be good for a hands free option. But you could always buy a strap for the Speedy!
  14. I don't think they really mix very well. It's hard to chase someone and pick them up when you've got a hand held bag, though I've seen people with them and they look great. :smile: I've seen a lot of people with babies or toddlers hanging their speedies on their stroller handles and then running after their toddler. It depends if your toddler likes to sit in a stroller or will hold your hand or stay with you when walking. Otherwise, shoulder bag!
  15. I agree with the posters that said they don't mix... I would suggest a saleya for being out with a toddler