Speedy Question for all of you speedy lovers

  1. Can someone tell me or show me exactly how much sagging occurs with these bags without added support of pursket or magazine? Will it be about like DB barrel bags? Also can someone please photograph the 25 with the 30 behind it so I can see the difference? I do not live anywhere near a store with LV.

  2. I like to put paper cardboard at the bottom of my speedies as I hate sagging bottoms. I dont use purseket though.

    Here are pics of my cerise 25 and khaki graffiti 30 to give you a better idea of the sizes..
    CIMG0953.JPG CIMG0954.JPG
  3. Do you find the 30 too big? It is so hard to know when you can't see it at a store...
    Thanks for all of your help!
  4. the sag and how much is going to depend on what you do or dont carry in your bag and if its a 25 or 30.

    Empty bags* very little in them*
    jessica's speedy is a 35 with not much in it.
    nicky's speedy doesnt have much in it either.
    JAN06LVSPEEDY10.jpg Nicky Louis Vuitton Denim.jpg
  5. so putting more in it will lessen how much it sags? I would have thought the opposite. How much more will the 30 sag than the 25? I am just worried the 25 will look way too small like a tween sized purse...Oh, I want to actually see one so bad ughhh

    What to buy...what to buy lol
  6. here are few without sag.
    Pf members denim speedy

    speedy 25 with and without cardboard
    IMG_1721.jpg IMG_1722.jpg denim speedy.jpg
  7. Putting more in it will fill it out nicely. To me it looks like the 30 sags a LOT more than the 25.
  8. I don't have one because I tried the 25 and the 30 and wasn't sure I liked either one, so I sent them back. The 30 sagged a lot more than the 25, though, with my stuff in it. My daughter has the D&B barrel bag and that doesn't really sag at all, whereas either Speedy is going to sag a lot more than that, moreso with the 30.

    Don't know if you're set on a Speedy, but after the Speedy didn't work out for me, I bought a Batignolles Horizontal, and I love it! I'm more of a shoulder bag person anyway, so it's worked out well for me. It's not a lot more than the Speedy also, so it's a great started bag if you don't want to spend a ton on it. Let me tell you, I load that baby up and there's no sag!
  9. I know how much everyone seems to love their speedy so I am having a hard time trying to decide between a speedy or trouville. The speedy is nice but then will I be happiest with a 25 or 30 and will sagging be an annoyance or not matter to me...see my dilemma, lol
  10. I have a Speedy 25 and I do not use any purseket or cardboard.
    I do usually walk with alot of stuff so it is normally stuffed.
    I posted these in the Visual aids thread...hopefully I can link them to here. While I hate for my speedy to sag excessively, I do not like the shape the cardboard and purseket combined gives the speedy. I may try a purseket alone though when I get a 30 to help with the sagging as I doubt I'd be able to fill that one up ;)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  11. JOJO how many LV do you have? I love all of your pics, I am quite envious ;)
  12. Oh my gosh - I hope you have that collection insured.

  13. I'm around 5"2 and I dont think the 30 looks to big on me. I really wish you can see both sizes for yourself before deciding, coz although pics do help you it aint the same as physically looking at the goods. How far is your closest LV from you?

    I do find my 30 sags more than my 25..
  14. Call me weird but I like the sag! I have the 25 but I'm thinking of getting the 30. If I am carrying a bunch of stuff it doesn't sag. But you also said that you were thinking of a Trouville too. I have a Trouville which I love but it doesn't hold nearly as much as a 25, it is very structured but I do like the interior pockets. The handles seem a bit smaller too, definitely a hand held/wrist purse but the mono has the clips for the strap which I use all the time.
  15. I've got the 25 and it's got a bit of a sag to it but I love the way it looks when it sags a little.