Speedy Owner Roll Call!

  1. I would like to confirm with all of the Speedy owners which interior tab your date code is stamped. I know there have been questions thrown out there but it would be great to settle this matter now, especially with everyone wondering if fakes come on the right or left hand side! :yes:

    Also, if you could indicate if you have a 25 or 30 it would help becuase maybe each model has a different location? :huh:
  2. I have a mono Speedy 25. The date code is under the flap on the left tab (if you are facing the side of the bag with the monogram right side up).
  3. The date code stamp is located on the leather tab behind the flap pocket (if you look at it, it's in your right)
    It applies for 25 and 30 in mono and damier.
    Sorry I don't have the pics at the moment because I am out of town and only have my damier speedy with me.
  4. Yikes, already there is a discrepency. So maybe we say, from looking at the bag positioned in front of you with the upright LV's, which tab is the date code located? That might be more clear?
  5. Date code is on the same side (right) on both 25 and 30:
    datecode.JPG datecode1.JPG
  6. Same with Damier 30 (right tab under the pocket):
  7. Maybe they switch it up depending on the year?
  8. So far EVERY speedy I owned had the date code on the right.
  9. I agree.
  10. I should refrase that: speedy bags I owned with the flap pocket on the inside. My other speedies, like MC, Fringe, Epi, etc. have their date codes else where.
  11. When you are looking at your bag with the monogram right side up what side is it on? Cause from your pictures it looks like it's the left not right
  12. I am talking about the actual tab (there is only one pocket on the inside, which is on the upside down LVs side) so it's on the right tab under the flap pocket. I think that is where the discrepency came from.
  13. Exactly. So looking at your graffiti bag in the picture, what side is it on (from the angle of the picture)
  14. It's the right tab on the left side of the bag, does it make any sense now? I believe the initial question was, and I quote, "which interior tab your date code is stamped".
  15. Speedy 25 from 2004 and on the left.