Speedy or Eva?


May 16, 2010
San Francisco, CA
Hi ladies!
My boyfriend wants to buy me a gift (coz I moved from Seattle to SF after 3 yrs of long distance ;))...and now I can't choose which one I want!
I don't want him to spend a whole lot, and I want it to be timeless..something I'll use all my life and always remind me about how much he loves me! So.... here are my choices:
Speedy 30 damier (timeless, but way too common)
Eva damier (super cute, but is it practical really?)
Pre-owned Epi Alma (love the look, cheaper coz its preowned, but will I love it as much?)

I recently gifted myself my first LV for my 25th biirthday, a NF MM in Damier Ebene that I love to death and a coach madison satchel which is my top-handle. I would LOVE to own a LV top-handle...but I also love the Eva!
HELP ME!! :wondering


Feb 9, 2010
Alberta, Canada
I seriously was thinking the same question about an hour ago, for my own (near) future purchase... I love the Eva I think it can be used daily, as a cross body bag, but also for a night out.. The Damier Ebene is so carefree and the lining is gorgeous!!! The Speedy was never my first choice because it is so common but I'm just loving it in ebene! And with a bag charm or bandeau how pretty.. The speedy is def. An everyday bag! I will more then likely get both! Haha..

good luck in your choice! I'm curious to see what the others advise. :smile:
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Jun 6, 2010
Personally I'd choose either the Eva or the Epi Alma.

Eva because it's a timeless piece, you can dress it up or down and it's great for evenings.

Epi Alma because it's classy and timeless. Not as common as a Speedy or an Eva..especially if you are in San Francisco! There are a lot of Speedy's around here in San Francisco. :P

Last thing, good questions to ask yourself:
1. Do you carry a lot of items all the time when you go out?
2. How many top handles do you have?
3. Do you have any clutches or smaller bags similar to Eva?
4. What is the look that you are most trying to achieve?

I hope this helped and good luck with your decision! :smile:


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Aug 31, 2008
I'd choose the Eva as well since you can wear it as an evening bag or crossbody, not to mention it's not too expensive. The Speedy you can always get later.

I'm from the Bay Area and welcome to SF.


Feb 14, 2010
i personally would get the the speedy but in monogram print! you have the damier ebene neverful. if you dont want to go that route i say get the epi alma!
Jul 13, 2009
Damier Eva, Super cute and because you wont proberly use it as much as the Speedy it will last you longer therefore that constant reminder of how much ur BF luvs u !
Aug 2, 2006
I vote speedy, I own 4 and want more. I also have a Eva and "SORRY" to all that love her but I am not wild over her, I mean she is adorable in looks but even on going out days/nights , Eva just does not hold enough for me personally... maybe I just don't know how to carry light (lol)


Apr 21, 2009
Here is what I heard in your post: you want it to be timeless, wear it alot and you LOVE a top handle. Based on that- I suggest a Speedy 30 as a "go to" bag. You can wear it dressed up or with jeans. It is timeless and you can add charms to personalize it. Wouldn't your BF love to see you carry it alot?

Don't get me wrong, I love the Eva! I have a Beverly Clutch which is about the same size. I find her to be too small to use daily and only use her evenings out. The Speedy is great no matter what the situation!
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May 16, 2010
San Francisco, CA
Thanks so much you guys! I still cat decide :sad: I'll probably need to force my BF into putting some thought into what he wants to see me wearing.. (and believe me, he's the last person to spend time thinking about bags lol) :smile: