Speedy on the shoulder?????

  1. Is it at all possible to wear the speedy 30 on the shoulder???
    Thanks guys!
  2. Unless you're really really REALLY skinny... otherwise no.

    EDIT: even if you could I don't think it'd be good for the bag... it really meant to be handheld.
  3. Thanks JuiceBox, I was just wondering for times when I may need both hands even briefly whether I could pop it on my shoulder.
    Oh well, thanks anyway.

  4. You can always carry it on the crook of your arm... like when you're shopping looking through clothes.. Thats what I do :yes:
  5. yeah you have to have pretty skinny arms to do that I've never seen it though what you can do is buy a strap and wear it messanger style that I seen alot of times, you attach the strap to the D rings on the handels...

  6. That an idea too but I'd be worried about it damaging the leather. I tried a strap just briefly and it indented a mark on the handles straight away so I wouldn't do it again.
  7. Ok, thanks for all the ideas.;)
  8. It is possible, but it looks weird IMHO.

    I'll post a picture of Brandi carrying her MC Speedy on her arm when I get home.
  9. Thanks John!
  10. Yes, I think it looks strange on the shoulder. I just push mine up on the crook of my arm.
  11. I can get it up onto my shoulder but it doesn't stay there and it looks stupid.
  12. It is NOT a shoulder bag! I think that would look silly!
  13. Here ya go:

  14. Oh ok, doesn't look too bad, I think.I would only do it briefly anyway, just when I need both hands lol.
  15. I used to do that too when my arms are still small! :biggrin: I love handbags that can be shoulder bags for some reasons.. And not to mention it doesn't slip off my shoulders!