speedy: mono or damier

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  1. DH got me a speedy 30 in mono for my bday. I think it is beautiful but which bag hold up better the mono or the damier? I know the handles on the mono should form a patina but I read they will probably have to be replaced after a few years? I also wear a lot of black so will the damier go with my wardrobe better b/c the brown is almost ebony? Or does this even matter? Also any problems with the handles on the damier speedy? Finally, does the red interior transfer onto all items....I also got a mono zippy wallet so would the red interior tranfer onto the waller? Thanks!!!
  2. I like mono better in the speedy style. (Probably the only style in which I prefer mono.)
  3. Congrats!!! What a sweet DH!
    I think both mono & damier are very nice! Eventually you'd want BOTH! I have a damier ebene 25 as my first speedy & after that i got the 30 mono. Gotta have one in mono! So 1 is never enough! So I'd say keep it! :smile:
  4. damier for sure! especially if you're looking for something lower maintenance. no worries about patina with damier.
    i have the damier, and the interior red does not transfer color. i've had the bag for more than a year and a half now and it has never happened.
  5. I love the mono speedy, it was my first LV. I have the damier speedy also but I am happy I waited to get the damier second. The mono is such a classic.
  6. I love the Mono Speedies. I actually like the way Mono looks with black better than how Damier looks with black...
  7. Love the mono!
  8. I have a Mono one and I simply love it!!!
  9. Congrats on your Speedy!! Keep the mono and get damier later. I also like mono better w/black.
  10. Mono and get the Damier later!
  11. You will NOT have to replace the handles in a couple years. I got an azur speedy 25 first and wanted a mono 30. I looked at monos on ebay that are 10 years old and the handles look awesome. The damier is supposed to be easier because it has the dark handles but I definitely love the mono. Everyone MUST have a mono speedy! Its the classic!
  12. I love my monos. I think damier is pretty too. Plus they are lower maintenance.
    But I am so in love with my monos....:love:
  13. Mono first them Damier later??
  14. I like the Damier better.
  15. Mono speedy is a classic. I'd keep it. Maybe get the Damier speedy later?