Speedy Locks

  1. I'm going to purchase a pre-loved Epi Speedy in Yellow and Blue but does not have a lock.. Can I purchase a lock and what color should it be? Thanks!

  2. gold i think? if im not mistaken the hardware should not have silver but maybe someone else can clarify...but gold and yellow looks good 2gether if that helps :smile:
  3. How come I see some hardware in silver and some are in gold? Mine was made 1994... Actually, I'm still going to pick it up on monday and doesn't includes locks..
  4. You can buy locks from LV for $25.
  5. you can buy locks at LV. gold is more popular but I'm sure you can get silver as well (maybe they need to order it or something).
  6. If you have a friendly SA you can get them for free! :graucho: I've had to replace 3 locks, and so far have only been charged once (when I was at an unfamiliar boutique).
  7. It will depend on the hardware of the bag. The newer epi models come with palladium-finished hardware. Match the locks with the hardware. A silver lock will look odd with gold hardware and vice-versa :smile:
  8. ^Will it be possible if I tell my SA I want to change my hardware to silver??
  9. I think that changing all of the hardware would be quite an involved procedure. Wouldn't that inlude the zipper?
  10. Do you really need the lock? I don't think it'd be wise to change all of the hardware. :nogood:
  11. ^That's a good point john! Thanks! I'm thinking.. my epi speedies would look fake if i change their hardwares to silver since it was produced as gold and it's already discontinued. I'll just buy keys and lock for my epi speedies. Thanks!
  12. I think that changing all the hardware won't be a good thing.. You can just buy new locks in the boutique!