Speedy Handles


Dec 27, 2005
I have a stunning preloved pink perforated speedy that I bought from Yogis Closet that was in like new condition. It really has become my favorite bag to carry now. The handles are so comfortable and I have no complaints. I have used LV Loving My Bag products on all my LV's.

I bought a Azur Speedy 35 and the handles seemed very uncomfortable in your hands. I don't know if it is because the bag is new but I find it uncomfortable to carry. It is not heavy because I do not put alot of things in my bags. Has anyone else felt this way? I never had a problems with any LV bags before.


Jan 22, 2011
Katy Tx
Your new speedy might need to be broken in. Perfect example is the Artsy bag. Brand new that is one of the most uncomfortable handles around.it's hard, heavy and it hurts. But once it's broken in, it's soft and doesn't hurt at all. I bought mine preowned and already broken in. I don't know how to break in speedy handles but with the artsy people have suggested hanging the bag on a door knob . That will have the bag hang and stretch and soften. Good luck !
Apr 14, 2011
I've had 3 pre-loved speedies and I love them, so I bought a brand new speedy b 30 and it seemed more uncomfortable and stiff. I think it just takes time for the bag to break in, my speedy b is becoming more and more comfortable and soft. Give it time!


Mar 7, 2010
South Philadelphia, PA
I totally agree with the above posters - it just needs to be broken in! Mine was uncomfortable at first too but now that I've used her a lot and broken her in, it's a very easy-to-hold bag and doesn't hurt my hands.