Speedy for school?

  1. for the past 2 days i've been taking my new damier speedy 25 to sch...i've always avoided bringing my LV bags to sch because i work in a lab environment...:yucky:

    then again i don't need to bring any folders..i have found the the damier speedy 25 to be less "fashion-brand-shiny" :idea: than the other speedies i've seen @ sch..

    what do u guys think? i love this bag..but just wanted to find out whether there are other ladies who found any speedy 25 to be a good "school" bag..

    voice ur opinions! :supacool:
  2. i often use my speedy on exam days when i don't need any of my notes/binders. i just throw pen, pencil, eraser, calc and a snack into a purse and i'm off! but since i'll be starting Pharmacy School in the Fall, i don't know it that'll be appropriate.

    other than that, if you don't have use for an entire backpack or messenger, then what's the point of lugging one around?! i say, use your damier speedy as often as possible, it's too cute and "fresh" right now not to :yes:
  3. if it won't be a hassle i think go for it... personally i need a bag i can put on my shoulder for schools :P
    i went to design school, i bring LOTS of stuff like paints and stuffs, i need a big UNEXPENSIVE carry on bag :P
    damier speedy is such a great bag, enjoy it anywhere u can...
  4. Silly question: are you a student or a teacher?:nuts:
  5. haha..im a grad student..
  6. I take all my bags to school. I am still in school with people who are younger than me and older and I do see alot of LV bags. Mostly fake. But sometimes I feel funny because I wonder if it's too showy?? But then I think, well, I don't really go anywhere else so.....I say use it and enjoy it and don't worry about anything else!
  7. i guess that's why i love damier..not too flashy
  8. and sometimes i feel the shape of the speedy bag is just too nice to be a school bag :P
  9. i use all of my bags for school. i find a way to fit everything in :lol:
  10. :yahoo::yahoo:

  11. and i do mean everything :lol:: wallet, medium agenda, pencil case, makeup, cell phone, keys, and sometimes even a water bottle :yes:
  12. haha..today i have my mp3 player, my huge gucci wallet, my damier cles, phone, huge l'occitane hand cream, makeup, ciggz...keys..u name it
  13. I might be the only one here, but I really don't think the speedy's all that practical for school. Sure you can use it on "off days" (ie when there are no actual lectures being taught and thus requiring notebooks) but on other days I think the Batignolles H, Manhattan GM, Vernis Brentwood, or Antigua MM/GM may be more useful. I'm planning to use my Batignolles H as an everyday schoolbag this coming school year, and i'm more into bigger bags cuz as a Med student, there's some hardcore studying to do...
  14. I totally agree with that a BH or the Antigua woud be the best.
  15. I'm a college student as well, pre-med, and I carry my Speedy 25 to class sometimes! Usually I need a bigger bag, but when I have exams or just a couple of classes I take the speedy 25! I love my LV Speedy and as long as it fits what I need, I will carry it!! ;)

    If I carry more, I will just put my essentials in my LV pochette and carry a bigger bag with books, notebooks etc!