Speedy Empreinte

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  1. So I've determined in another thread that I'm going to sell my Chanel gst to fund my LV speedy empreinte purchase because that's just way more money than I'm interested in spending on another bag. I've decided on speedy empreinte because I have speedy b 30 in de and love it to pieces. Now I need to determine what color I should get between infini or the new black coming out and if I should get size 25 or 30. 30 has more than enough space for my everyday needs, so I was thinking about getting 25. I'm not sure though cause although I'm 5'2", I'm not the skinniest person around so I'm afraid 25 will look too small on my frame. Here is what my 30 looks like on me for reference:

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  2. Since you already have the 30, get the 25 and in Infini ..
  3. For the Empreinte, it really depends what you want to use it for. I feel the 25 is nice for dates, evenings, etc. While the 30 is your daily shopping or brunch bag.

    Infini or black, either will be a great choice. Just depends on what you need or want.
  4. I think you can pull off a 25
  5. I am totally at the same dilema. Torn between black or infini and which size to grab. Thanks for starting this thread. Would like to read all members inputs. :smile:
  6. +1 :smile:
  7. You can fit a good amount in the 25. I think the 30 looks to big for crossbody :balloon:
  8. the 25 is amazing in emp
    so roomy, and the infini is amazing color
  9. I think a 25 would look nice on you.
  10. I second this. Besides, you need to keep the weight of the bag in mind. Canvas bags are lighter. So if u get a 30 you'll stuff it --let's be honest, we're all guilty of doing this -- and then that weight along with the bag itself being heavier...well you'll probably end up with a really heavy bag...just something to think about
  11. the 25 is amazing! go and get it! lol😃
  12. It would not look too small on your frame, the 25 would be perfect on you. I love Infini so it gets my vote. It's such a unique and versatile blue. It's gorgeous and looks great with everything. Good luck deciding.
  13. +1
  14. 25 would be great for you since you already have a 30
    I'd vote for Infini, it goes with any outfit !
  15. If you want Infini then grab it before it's gone!