Speedy damier I need pics

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  1. I want to be sure before bying (next sunday, a lot of time!): someone has pics of speedy damier?
    Thanks a lot!
    p.s. ...It's my first LV damier: can dress the damier with the canvas accessoires I have? :amazed: :amazed: :amazed:
  2. i don't think the damier speedy is out yet...other threads say anytime between april and fall 2006. since they're coming out so soon, LV closed the special order list. so soon, but not by sunday. :smile:
  3. thanks...so we can not have preview pictures?
  4. here you go:
    damier speedy 530.jpg damier speedy 2.jpg
  5. The damier speedy is not yet out in LV shop....incase you can't wait for it & order 1 from online store (not eluxury.com) pls beware the fake one. Here is the pix I've found in a fake bags shop:
  6. Thank you!
  7. Dont buy from any online store other than Eluxury or a My Poupette buyer on eBay. If not your more than likely going to end up with a big fat fake.
  8. woowoo.. JUNE 2006!!! If there is a reservation list- get on it. I wonder if this speedy will be sold out ...
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