SPEEDY B OWNERS: Is it too bulky to wear with strap?


Nov 2, 2011
SPEEDY B OWNERS: Is it too bulky to wear with strap?
I was going to buy my first LV bag on Saturday but the 2 bags they had , the zipper was not smooth. I have Dooneys and they have feet and great zippers, well made bags. For over 1k, I expect it to be BETTER than Dooney, but it wasn't.

I still might get the bag though. At first I thought of the speedy B, but when i tried it on cross body it was bulky and a little awkward. From the shoulder strap, it too was bulky.

Then I tried to put the handles over my wrist (I had a fleece jacket on, not even a coat) and it WOULD NOT go over ! I got to say, it was kind of annoying, especially when I 'm quickly moving and doing etc.

Please tell me about your experience with this bag. I would appreciate it, to help me make my decision and spend the money.


Aug 30, 2011
I don't wear mine cross body. But I did remove the smaller portion of the strap to wear it on my shoulder and I don't think it's bulky at all. It's always been comfortable to hand carry too but I don't live in a climate where I wear bulky coats frequently. I leave the strap on all of the time because I like to switch back and forth between shoulder and hand carry as needed. It's probably one of the most convenient bags I've ever owned. I'm disappointed by the quality issues you've experienced but I would say that's the exception rather than the norm. The zipper should be smooth. Do you have another boutique close by that you can look at their inventory? Good luck with your decision and I hope we'll see a reveal soon! :biggrin:


Jan 4, 2011
I don't have a Speedy B but I have an Idylle Speedy and I share the same thoughts as you. I've always wanted this bag because it is so beautiful. I finally bought it but regret it after using it for the first time. Like what you said, i used it crossbody and it is bulky and awkward and gets pretty heavy after a while (I don't carry a lot). On the shoulder is not that bad but it does not stay on my shoulder well. Hand carry is almost impossible for me especially when I go out with my 2 toddlers.


Jul 8, 2010
I fell in love with the speedy b and had my heart set on her until I tried her in store and fell out of love. I'm 5'1 and found the speedy b 30 bulky and didn't like her on me. I already have a speedy damier ebene 30 and love her. But it wasn't meant to be.


Jul 31, 2009

I went to buy the speedy b 30 when it was released, was so excited about having the cross body option. But the 30 cross body looked SO big and bulky on me in the store, I hated it. Even my sa agreed that it was kind of silly, bulky looking. So I bought the speedy b 25. It did look cute cross body, but it was just TOO small, I carried it a few times and then sold it.

I ended up buying a saumur 30....was just an impulse buy in the store, because they had one for the first time in years, and my sa showed it to me. I fell in LOVE..so much nicer as a cross body, comfy and not bulky etc..

Speedy B is a nice idea, but when it comes down to it, I just think that a barrel bag is meant to be hand carried and not worn cross body.

I must say, though, I've seen pics of other women wearing the speedy b cross body and it looks SOOO cute on them! lol But it just didn't work for me.


Nov 2, 2011
Thanks! I looked at the Tivoli, but I love the speedy shape. If you own the speedy b, can you tell me if it looks any different from the Front View than a regular speedy??
Apr 14, 2011
I don't wear it cross body but I keep the extra part of the strap in my car just in case I need it. I usually carry it hand held but it is nice to have the shoulder strap option. I wear the bag with the strap on the smallest setting, it's perfect! My zipper works great even though I rarely zip the bag. The extra vachetta, hardware, and strap make it a little more special and not everyone has a fake copy of it. Mine is just starting to patina and it's gorgeous and classic!