Speedy B ... in Empriente!


The Blonde Bag Lady
Oct 3, 2010
Hello all you wonderful tPF peeps!

I need some input from anyone who has the Speedy B in empriente leather.

I've never been a Speedy person. Never had one. Never wanted one. However, the moment it was released in the empriente leather (more specifically, the cognac color) I have been OBSESSED and cannot get it out of my head! It's currently out of stock online, but I entered my email address to alert me when it becomes available. Until than ...

Anyone have this bag? Pros, cons?


May 17, 2014
my everyday bag not intended to be one in the first place, but it fits soo much and the adjustable strap makes it more casual and comfy and can be dressy if use the strap it comes with or with a chunky good chain strap. I used an insert to keep the shape. Was debating between this and keepall 25, but keepall just too casual for me

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Mar 6, 2010
I have one in Navy for a while now and despite being a leather bag, I didn’t feel I needed to baby it since it feels pretty carefree. Just picked up the Kusama one last week in black. I like how it’s roomy and can zip it up to keep my stuff safe when I don’t want to use a tote. I am a speedy B fan though.
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Jan 14, 2020
I tried the Neverfull cognac in store and it was a stunning and durable-feeling leather! I hope you can find a Speeedy cognac preloved. But first, it wasn't that long ago since its release- worth trying a few SAs/phone CS as well. It's amazing how sometimes 1 SA may be able to request or order for you, and others can't. Not to give you false hope but this was a relatively recent release.