Speedy B 30 vs 35?

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  1. I need help deciding what size it will fit all my stuff.
    -full, long wallet
    -mini coin pouch
    -travel wallet with my train card
    -regular glasses with case
    -sunglasses with case
    -mini umbrella
    -6-8 in makeup bag with emergency stuff
    -water bottle
    -hat/scarves/gloves during the winter
    -iPhone 6s plus
    -headphones and usb
    -power bank

    I am about 5ft3 and 125lb ish.

    Thank you!!
  2. The 35 will fit all of that comfortably with a nice wide opening. However it is a LARGE bag, esp for your size. I owned it in the 35 and sold it bc it is awkward as a crossbody--almost like a minature keepall. I think the 30 looks much better in this style but your things might fit tight. Hope this helps
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  3. I would go for the Speedy B 30. I think all your stuff will fit inside. This if you do not mind about the weight of the bag and the sagging when it gets full. I use a bag shaper for my B 30 but it takes more space that I end up putting fewer stuff in it than what I use to. By the way, I´m 5´6 and 130lbs. I find the B35 too big for my liking. If you like wearing a cross body, the size will suit you very well. I think you should at least try them out before purchasing. :smile:
  4. I sold all my speedy 30 sizes and bought two speedy b 35. One in mono and one in DE. Love them both. In fact, my most used grab for bag every day. I am more petite than you and love how they look on me. What I like most is the wide opening. Once you break it in, it really doesn't look much different on than the 30. GLD
  5. Speedy 35. You won't fit all your things in 30.
  6. I suggest you get the speedy 35.
  7. Should I still get the 35 even tho inn getting a Retiro too?
  8. I think the 35 would be a better choice considering the contents it shall fit. In my 30 they (probably) wouldn't fit. Even if they were to fit, you wouldn't find anything inside easily because the Speedy 30 would be really full.

    Are you planning to buy the Retiro first? Then I might first try out how it works for you before deciding on a Speedy.
  9. Actually the speedy during xmas and Retiro for my birthday... I m worry it might be too big for me. Since I m 5ft3 (159.1cm) ish and pear shape, the bag might make me look "shorter" or wider?
  10. I'm about your size (164cm) and love to look of the 30. Should I get a second one for summer, I might even consider a 25 (no need for gloves, umbrella, scarves,...) because sometimes the 30 looks a little big on me. However, wearing it on my shoulder (I got the Speedy B) it is a perfect sized bag and in my opinion anything bigger in this shape would be too big for me. As for the crossbody option, I don't wear it that way. IMO, it makes me look way bigger and it bothers me to get it on and off.

    Do you live close to a store? I tried it on with my regular belongings and that made the decision very easy. [emoji1]
  11. Sounds like you need a 35.
    I have a 35 but I love a big bag for just a few items wallet, phone/case, eyeglasses/case, sunglasses/case
  12. My 2 closet store is 3/4 hrs away from me... :sad:
    I m hoping to go to Atlantic city store in Dec and just get it and get out. I hate being judge since I am not in anyway fancy looking or whatever.
  13. I would start with the Speedy 30. It sounds like it would be more in proportion with your body and I believe all your stuff will fit comfortably.
  14. I carry a few less things & it fits in a 30 comfortably. But when I carry more (like you), I'll use my 35. You might be able to fit all of it in a 30, but it may be like a puzzle getting it all in there. I get frustrated when I have to remove things to reach other things. I like to be able to look down, see what I want & grab it. So if I had to choose one & I carried all the things you listed every day - I'd go with the 35 w/ an organizer. It is a little large on smaller body frames, but it's not crazy big. It still looks super classic. If you don't want to carry larger bags, you might have to consider downsizing what you carry every day.
  15. 35 is very elegant looking.
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