speedy arm :)

  1. i have a question for all you with speedys... does it hurt your arm after a while? haha i think the speedy is such a cute bag and i've been wanting to get one, but i usually carry my bags on my shoulder and i'm not sure how my elbow is going to feel about this! :shrugs: i've tried the bag on at the store, but that was only briefly and it was empty. i'd love some feedback. thanks!
  2. Oddly, it doesn't! I did not think I would like an arm bag but I love mine!!
  3. only when i load it down....which kinda happens more than it should...
  4. nope. doesn't hurt at all. i've walked around with mine christmas shopping, at school, at disneyland, universal studios, and legoland with no pain or soreness at the end of the day.
  5. if you put too much stuff in it like I do...then yes...but I have a speedy 35...more room=more stuff= more weight...
  6. Mine never actually hurt my arm, but I did tire of not being able to wear it over the shoulder when my hands were full.
  7. well, i always have lots stuff ... so yeah, tends to heavy on my arm and worse when i have lots of shopping, but dont think it hurts me yet ... mine is epi 30 ... so its even heavier than mono or damier
  8. Actually, it does not hurt at all. I never thought about this when I bought mine. And I'm glad I didn't think about it, or I would think the same thing. But I think if you put too much things in it - it might hurt over hours at a time. But I used mine a lot since I got it, and hasn't hurt my arm.
  9. No troubles yet!
  10. Only if you put too many goodies in it.
  11. Yup, only if it's too heavy !
  12. i have a 40, and i get a dent in the crook of my arm when i carry it. still love the speedy though, and recommend it fully!
  13. I love my speedy - no problem with my arm and actually my shoulders and back love me know (no more heavy shoulder bags and no more constantly tugging at one when it falls off my shoulder). I love my speedy!
  14. thanks guys!

    i'm going to have to get one :smile:
  15. Lol I carried my Miror yesterday and it got pretty heavy. Then again I DID have a hardcover novel in there :lol: