Speedy 40 vs. Keepall 50 for a gym bag

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  1. I started another thread asking about the speedy 30 as a gym bag but it was agreed that it is too small.

    What do you guys think of the Speedy 40 vs. damier Keepall 50 as a gym bag?

    I prefer damier for a gym bag because it's so weather-proof (no vachetta to worry about), but would the keepall 50 be too big to lug to the gym as a gym bag? What are your thoughts on the Speedy 40 vs Keepall 50?
  2. i vot for Damier keepall 50 then,it's a great size for a gym bag well never seen speedy 40 in damier yet..Good luck!!..well i love keepal 40 as well.
  3. Thanks! They don't make a damier speedy 40 yet :sad:
  4. ^^^So you mean,you need to oder this style,don't you,Jaded??
  5. No, if I went with the speedy 40 I'd get it in mono. The keepall 50 comes in damier though. I prefer damier for a gym bag since it's weather-proof and so low maintenance so if the keepall 50 isnt too huge I'll go with that. :smile:
  6. Keepall !
  7. Do you think it'll be too big to lug to the gym? Will it look odd? LOL.
  8. It may look odd. I have the Speedy 40 and he's just right! Good luck.
  9. I love:nuts: mono too but as there is such a problem for the cowhide!!,get dirty very easily and need to take a lot of good care.So damier is really great choice!!> i have damier speedy 30,and i love her soo much..So good luck with your new purchase ok!!!:yahoo:
  10. Thanks! I think the Speedy 40 is the perfect size...I just wish it came in damier! Do you find it difficult to keep the vachetta clean, especially when running in and out of the gym in rain/snow? Thanks in advance :smile:

    Thank you!! :smile:
  11. just imagine the gorgeous patina with age when u use mono speedy 40 as a gym bag. i think the 40 would be a good size for a gym bag, i'd go for that. keepall might be a little too huge...
  12. if your concern is the price grab the speedy. but if not better get the damier keepall 50. its the best. no patina worries.
  13. I love the 40 even as an everyday bag!
  14. my vote goes to the speedy 40. seems more like a pick up and run to the gym bag than the keepall. they're both pretty similar though (wasn't the speedy modeled after the keepall?)!

    oh and i dont know about you, but i dont have enough in my gym bag to fill the keepall 50! i don't leave clothes in my bag (yuck) so i only ever have enough in there for one work out session (shorts, shirt, sports bra, socks) and i think the speedy 40 is the perfect size for that! the plus for the keepall 50 though is that it can double as a carry on or a weekender whereas the speedy 40 might be a tad small for that.
  15. Thanks guys! Does anyone have pics of the Speedy 40 and Keepall 50 side by side for a visual size comparison? I tried searching but didn't come up with anything.

    Also, any other input/opinions would be appreciated :smile: