Speedy 35 origin

  1. For those of you that have this size, where was yours made and which country did you acquire it in?

    I am contemplating perhaps a 35 might be a good option for me if I can't find a 30 made in France.

  2. Mine is made in France, bought it in Hong Kong
  3. I got my 35 here n the US and it's made in the US. My 40 was made in France.
  4. How do you check the origin?? <<<sorry if it's a silly question.

    I just received my epi speedy 35, and it just says made in france on the outside tag thing. Is that it then, or should I look for the origin elsewhere??

    I'm trying to find out all the datecode, origin, and any other hidden engravings I might not know about to re-sell it on eBay (afraid I might miss something). Thanks in advance!!!
  5. Whatever country is stated on the outer leaf is where it was made. So in your case it was made in France. I have a Speedy 35 that is made in U.S.A
  6. Thanks livinluxuriously Lila! I'm such a newbie :biggrin:
  7. is your epi speedy a special order?

    Does an A4 file fit into a Speedy 35 without problems?
  8. Epi speedy measures almost 35 even though the official size is 30! Here is what I mean:
  9. thanx for your answer and pic! but the mono and damier 30 really mesure 30cm or are they also leaning to 35?
  10. I don't have a mono but damier 30 measures exactly 30. HTH.:smile:
  11. thanks again!:flowers: your info is really helpful since I decide on the few centimetres
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