Speedy 35 or Speedy 40 ?

  1. Which one do you prefer and why?
  2. Speedy 35, It's just more attractive. LOL.
  3. DEf the speedy 35 a great bag for day but perfect for travel too.. the 40 is just too big
  4. 35 for sure..the 40 is so big that it makes the handles look so small. It just seems strange to me...
  5. 40...it fits documents and can also be used as an overnight bag.
  6. I like the 40.
  7. I have the 30, it was my first ever LV piece...but I'd like to move up to the 35...absolutely agree w/earlier poster in that not only a great day bag, but great for travel as well!!! Let us know what u decide!!
  8. Even tho I am a big bag girl, I like the 35 best....30 is too small and 40 is too big, so close the the 45 duffle.
  9. I have the 35 and love it to death lol
    perfect for travel and city
  10. ITA!! I use mine all the time (except in Winter) and it was great for travelling too! The 40 may also be good for travelling but not so much for an everyday bag...unless of course you travel everday!
  11. i had this dilemma too, if i were to chooose I think i'd get a 35 if it's a daily bag you want to use. I think a 40 would be perfect for going on small trips!!
  12. I think the 35 is the perfect size.
  13. 35 is the more versatile one. Can be used daily but also big enough as a travel companion... :smile:
  14. anyone have photos of them carrying the 35 or 40? I am trying to figure out my next purchase...thanks!!!
  15. The 35 is a perfect every day bag for me. You might need the 40 if you're going to want it for an overnight or work bag.