Speedy 30 or Vavin GM? Please help!!!

  1. I recently purchased a Speedy 30, and absolutely love it! However, I am also in love with the Vavin GM. I don't need two "big" bags to carry all of my "stuff" around in, and wondered which one you think is the better bag? I like the look of both, but wouldn't mind carrying the Vavin over my shoulder sometimes. And, is the Vavin GM significantly larger than the Vavin PM? I looked at the PM at the Louis Vuitton boutique here in Orlando, and found it surprisingly small. I didn't think to ask to see the GM at the time. What would you suggest? Keep the Speedy, or go for the Vavin GM? Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!!
  2. I'm not familiar with the Vavin GM, do you have a picture? :smile:
  3. bag looks too stiff for an everyday bag. i'd stick with the speedy 30
  4. I hate my Vavin GM. The WORST BAG BY LV IMHO.

    It loses its shape so easily and looks boring and plain, it just sits in my closet while my speedy 30 gets to have all the fun, since i take it out like evry day!
  5. Speedy, but I am very casual.
  6. For some reason I've never noticed the Vavain before. It looks to me like it's sort of deep and it might be difficult to find stuff in the bottom of it. I, too, have a Speedy 30, and although I confess I don't use it all that often b/c I have several other bags that I use too, it will always be my one true "love".
  7. i had the vavin, and i loved it= it actually has 'pockets'/separators and it looked good with jeans and dresses up. HOWEVER, it started to 'slouch' at the bottom and i really didn't like that. i won't buy another structured bag for that reason. some do not mind the slouch, but i did.
  8. Thank you for your opinions! Those help a lot! I will probably stick with my Speedy - I have loved the Speedy for as long as I can remember, and now am so excited to have one, I should prob. stay together with my "true love" like you said! Thanks, again, ladies!
  9. Stick with the Speedy! I LOVE mine!
  10. I wished they made a Vavin MM? PM is too small... GM is too big...

    Anyways, if I had to choose, I'd go for Speedy. Looks better than the Vavin GM IMO.
  11. I only like the Vavin from the Panda line... go for the Speedy!
  12. Speedy all the way!
  13. i love my speedy. but, if you want more structure and no sag, you have to go vavin.
    speedy is my friend.