Speedy 30 or Batignolles - horizontal

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  1. Hi Girls

    My husband is considering buying me a gift for our anniversary....which one do you recommend......

    anyone have the batignolles horizontal - Could you carry a 12" notebook in it?

    Thanks for your advice?
  2. The Batignolles Horizontal is the perfect size for carting around a notebook and a bunch of other stuff :smile:
  3. Both are marvelous. You can definitely fit a 12" laptop inside the BH.
  4. I have both (well, the speedy is a 25, but it's close). I love the speedy, but it is sometimes a nuisance to have a hand-held bag. The BH fits nicely on my shoulder, and it is quite roomy. I don't worry about an even patina on the BH as much because I don't have to carry it in my hand. But, I do sometimes worry about my bag being open all the time. If you want to carry office/school supplies, then I would go with the BH (and the sag is not as much of an issue). I can fit a regular spiral notebook in mine. I hope this helps!
  5. I would prefer the batignolles as it leaves your hands free. A good thing especially with children.
  6. if you need to fit a notebook in it or like shoulder bags, bh is the way to go. i prefer my speedy. the fact that the bh didn't have a zipper bothered me to no end and i prefer handheld bags in general. the bh kind of looked funny on my frame for some reason...probably b/c i'm not used to carrying a shoulder bag. they're really two different bags for two different sets of needs.

  7. You are so right - perhaps I NEED both......hhehehehehe;)
  8. I say go for the Batignolles. I ordered the Speedy 25 and thought it was too small, then I ordered the 30 and thought it was too big. Then I decided maybe the shape and the fact that it's handheld wasn't for me, so I got the BH and I've been really happy with it. I still think the Speedys are nice. I just don't know if they're for me. I love the BH. You can fit a ton of stuff, and you have easy access to everything.
  9. the batignolles is fabulous! i love it. i say go for the batignolles! :smile:
  10. If you plan on using the bag to carry a laptop, get a BH.
  11. I prefer a shoulder bag. Like Tammy said, the size of the speedys was an issue for me too. My next bag will be a BH!
  12. I love the fact that my BH is a shoulder bag! And that's a plus, because it's hands-free.:biggrin:
  13. If you want to fit the notebook, go with the BH. Other than that, Speedy!!!
  14. I have both and if I had to choose only one...well, I'd cry! Seriously though, sounds like the batignolles is right for you if you need to carry a 12" notebook. It is gorgeous and roomy. You really can't go wrong!
  15. thanks Girls....I will go with the BH.....YAHHOOOOO

    Can't wait for my bag....
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