Speedy 30 or 35

  1. I'm confused as to which Speedy would be best for me. I thought I would just order the 30 until I started to research and found the 35 could be an option. I currently carry the large looping bag for eveyday. I can't go smaller than that, but I don't want to look like I'm carrying luggage. I'm 5'7. Any opinions...pictures? Thanks so much!!!
  2. You should post this in the LV forum for more help.
  3. Don't worry - 5'7'' is tall enough for a Speedy 35. I am 5'4'' and I have a 35; I find the 30 too small, like a t-shirt that fits too tight... also, it looks a little like "well, I would have preferred the 35 but I could only afford the 30 even if it doesn't fit right..."
    Regina ;)
  4. Get the 30, it's the perfect size. 35 is a little to big and looks more like an overnighter.
  5. i def say 30...i think the 35 looks a little akward as a purse
  6. if i'm 5'7" i would carry a 35!
  7. Thank you for the help...35 it is!!!!
  8. I'm 5'6" and have the 35 mono and 30 Damier and love both. The 35 is definately not overwhelming in my opinion.
  9. The 35 is very chic as an oversized bag. I was so amazed at the difference between 30 + 35. I almost think the IDEAL would be a 32.5 LOL!!
  10. ^haha! I like that...32.5 sounds perfect!!!
  11. 35!
  12. 5'2 and my 35 is perfect! I like roomy bags though