Speedy 25's "Made in USA"?

  1. Why are some made in USA and others not. I googled it but only found that it is authentic, which is fine, but I don't want people thinking it's fake. Do the actual LV stores have them made in France, or is that particular style only made in USA?
  2. There are quite a few threads on this subject, but yes, most of the speedys in the US are made in USA. Though fakers are now faking even the "Made in USA" stamp, the fake "Made in France" still outnumber the "Made in USA."
  3. You can do a thread search under "USA" and alot of threads will pop up on this topic. But made in the USA definately does not mean it's a fake.. there are LV's made in France, Spain, Italy, USA and I think in Germany??
  4. LV bags are made in USA, France, Italy and Spain.
    LV clothes, sunglasses, shoes, scarves, ect are made in France, Italy, Ireland, and Spain.
  5. I checked out other threads, but not finding my next question.... if people see 'Made in USA,' will they think it's fake? Do people have that problem?
  6. Who in the world would check your bag out that closely:shrugs: If they think it´s fake because of the Made in USA marking, who cares?
  7. You'd have to be looking reallllllllllllly closely to see the USA thing. I personally don't care! At least it isn't "made in china"!
    Also...when you go into the store you can specifically ask them to look for a "made in france" bag for you.
  8. I don't worry about people thinking my bag is fake, I buy them because I like them, not because I want people to know I have real bags.....
  9. My Speedy 25 is made in USA
    My Batignolles Horizontal is made in Spain

    They are both real!!

    It shouldn't matter who thinks your bag is fake as long as YOU know it's real.
  10. I completely agree!! I know my designer bags are authentic and I love them, so I don't care if people think they're fake!!!!