Speedy 25 owners...

  1. How do you store your Speedy 25 in its dustbag? The dustbag is tiny! Do you unstuff it and fold it? Mine looks like a stuffed pig!

    Thank you!
    dustbag.jpg dustbag2.jpg dustbag3.jpg
  2. stuffed, unfolded and kept in it's flap style dust bag :smile:
  3. How do you do it? Does it sit upright or do you place it sideways? I just can't see how it would fit in such a small dustbag...:Push:
  4. Mine looks like it's in a straightjacket! :Push:
  5. i use another dustbag, a larger one
  6. I use a larger dustbag too :smile:
  7. I have a bigger dust cover, I bought one off ebay because my alma didnt fit well in it bag. So i got a bag for a paino i think and used it for my alma and the alma bag for the speedy 25.
    You can find them on ebay just get a size or two bigger. When my is stored its stuffed with an old bedsheet to keep shape,
  8. I hava a 35 and 40 and both came with the drawstring bag and you can store them unfolded in it. I had pics of it up in other threads but again, I don't own the 25.
  9. So everyone who owns a Speedy 25 is given a tiny dustbag? Why don't they just provide us with a larger dustbag? I just thought I got a defective one!

    So it's suppose to be small? Do your bags fit into the dustbag like mine?
  10. I hate the fact that my 25 came in the smallest dustbag ever! I use a Coach dustbag for mine.
  11. I store mine folded in it's dust bag.:smile:
  12. i put mine in a bigger dustbag
  13. I store mine unfolded in its dustbag, just like your 2nd picture. However, I have it entirely in the dustbag with nothing sticking out.

    edit: My dustbag is much bigger than yours though, maybe the newer Speedys have smaller dustbags? Mine was made in 2003.
  14. my damier speedy 25 have a flap dust bag that suits unfolded speedy perfectly.

    bought a pre-owned speedy cerise, i don't think she gave me the original dust bag for it. but the size is exactly the same as that of my damier speedy.
  15. When I received my Mono Speedy 25 thru Eluxury, I was given a tiny dustbag also. So I guess I'll have to find a bigger one for it.