Speedy 25 (Mono) as a makeup bag?

  1. Do you guys think the Speedy 25 would be too large as a makeup bag (not for everyday, of course, but if I ever need to haul my entire makeup and brush collection?)? I know the trouville is designed for this purpose, but I think that with a purseket, it might work. Thoughts?
  2. Maybe something that unzips all the way around would be better. The speedy 25 opening can be very cumbersome to get in and out of.
  3. You mean maybe like the Ribera?
  4. The best would be the Nice cosmetic case ! :yes:

  5. That's what I was hoping for, until I saw the price :love:.

    Thanks for the input! I guess the Speedy isn't ideal after all :flowers:.
  6. I think you could make it work, comming from a former fulltime, currently very part time makeup artist.....
  7. Haha.. yeah, the price tag is pretty hefty. But I think it's worth it in the end, Speedy just isn't meant to be so useful as a makeup case - like, the whole not zipping around and everything getting jumbled up inside would be annoying !
  8. This is cute! Does anyone have this?

    Here is the ELux description:

    Spontini $660.00
    The Spontini is a chic, modern bag perfectly suited for city or travel. Hidden inside the elegant, squared silhouette are pockets and elasticized holders for keeping your beauty essentials nicely organized and within reach.
    • Monogram canvas with natural cowhide trim and golden hardware
    • Washable lining
    • Removable shoulder strap
    • 8.3" L x 8.1" H x 3.4" W
  9. The Spontini may be a little small for your entire makeup collection & brushes...it seems a little too slim to be a cosmetics case.

  10. Neat, I'll check it out in person and do a test run before I decide. Thanks, Karman, for the info on the Spontini.
  11. Maybe if you had something like a pursket in there so you can find stuff?? Otherwise I think it would be too hard to dig stuff out of the bag all the time.
    Love the bag Ayla posted:P. That one would be my pick if I could afford it.
  12. Trouville? Maybe that would also be too thin....
  13. What about the Deauville? It's just a larger version of the Trouville..
    This soft beauty case is specially designed to keep beauty products perfectly organized. With pockets and holders for bottles, cosmetics, and toiletries. Includes a matching leather ID holder.
    • Monogram canvas and natural cowhide
    • Golden metal hardware
    • Washable fabric lining with large pouch pockets for makeup and four elastic holders for bottles
    • Full double-zip closure
    • Comfortable leather handles
    • Open outside pocket
    • Padlock
    • 14" L x 11" H x 6" W
  14. If you use the purseket, it might work.