Speedy 25 in Damier Ebone or Azur?

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  1. I just bought a fab mono Speedy 30 for days when I need to carry a lot.

    Now I want something smaller , more for everyday use. I am going for a Speedy 25.

    I am torn, do I do Damier Ebone or Azur?
    I love in Florida so Azur is a natural happy choice, but I love the Ebone, too. I know Ebone will probably last longer...

    Any thoughts or advice?
    Thanks- Julie
  2. since you live in florida, i think azur would look cute. however, one thing you need to consider is how the azur will look once the VVN takes on a patina. some people like it, i dont care for the really light azur with dark handles..
  3. I love the azur speedy 25. So cute! I like ebene better in the 30.
  4. I say go for the azur soooo gorgeous and fresh looking!
  5. I love the azur personally, I dont care for the ebone.
  6. The Azur is gorgeous but I don't know if I'd care for it with patina...
  7. Azur :smile: you have a dark bag (the mono) so the azur will be an uplifting change.
  8. definatly the Azur.
  9. Since you already have a mono speedy, I'd go with the Azur that way you have a light and a dark colored bag!
  10. Ebony....It's my favorite

  11. I vote for Azur! Its very eye catching!!
  12. Ebony!
  13. azur!
  14. Azur is wonderful but I am not a fan of the patina process. So Ebene for me!
  15. azur!