Speedy 25 as a Toiletry Bag?

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  1. Speedy 25 as a Toiletry Bag?

    I was looking at some very old Speedy 25 on the bay. I never like the speedy for an everyday handbag.
    Yet i discovered its perfect for all my cosmetics, flatiron, hair brushes etc for travel!

    Any other TPFers use Speedy for this purpose?
  2. bump
  3. If you think it works for you then go for it! You should consider the Poche Toilette 26 as well, it's built for that purpose and fits a lot plus looks sleeker.
  4. I think I'd find the handles a little bulky if a speedy 25 were inside another bag, plus it would need to be a large one.
  5. I think the speedy as a toiletry bag would fit in a bit awkwardly into a larger bag
    trying looking at some other pieces that are specifically made for toiletries
  6. Why not? If you have so much make up that it doesn't fit in their poche toilettes, go for the speedy!
  7. Everytime I fly I take my speedy on board for cosmeticks ect. It works perfect :smile:
    And of course you can use it dayly also
  8. I'd say it's too bulky as a toiletries bag mainly because it would be tricky to fit it into another bag. If you're in the US, you wouldn't be able to fly with it filled with many liquid cosmetics because of the 3-1-1 rule.
  9. it would fit a keepall kind of bag !
  10. Although the Speedy may not be ideal, the 25's are usually way cheap on the bay (I've seen them go for around $100).
    I would do it just to save money!
  11. I wouldn't use as it would be bulky but yes it could go in a keepall of course. I use the Trousse Toilette, I have both sizes.
  12. i say, why not? i would probably choose the trouville over the speedy only because it has more pockets to keep things more organized.
  13. If it works for you, why not???
  14. Why not? You could get a purseket to put in it, so it would have some seperate rooms.. ;)
  15. #15 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    well i travel... a lot =)
    i see it as my second carry-on item.
    inside i will have a...
    mini roller set, brushes, flat iron, LV pochette with make-up, travel sized bottles of lotions etc.

    every time i consider a poche or an official travel cosmetic by lv... they just don't fit the amount of beauty products i use to travel...

    i aslo own a keepall & a speedy 25-30 would fit, but i actually think i'll go for the speedy 30

    plus i love a good deal... and speedy offers that!

    thanks for the input... still figuring out how to be organized on the move !