Spectator Sabrina--Hello and Goodbye

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  1. Before the new floorset came out, I saw pictures of the Spectator Sabrina in grey and silver. I loved the pictures, so ordered one through my boutique. I was so excited when it arrived and couldn't believe what a beautiful bag she was, but I just wasn't liking the size. I put my normal stuff in it and carried her around the house a few times, and just could not get used to the larger size. So, I sadly decided to take her back to the boutique. As much as I loved the look of the bag, I just knew that I wouldn't use it because of the size. So, as I was roaming around the boutique, I fell in love with the Madison Spectator Shoulder Bag in grey and silver!



    I love the two handles, the color, the size and shape, the extra pockets and pretty much everything about this bag. In fact, I love it so much I'm now craving it in another color. Oddly enough, I'm loving the silver/brass.

    I'm so happy with this exchange! In fact, as soon as I took the pics I snipped the tags right off, because I know for a fact that this bag isn't going back to the store! Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you.
  2. Gorgeous Bag! I went to the boutique the other day to see the Gray Spectator, both this bag and the Sabrina unfortunately, they didn't carry them there. It's so much prettier IRL pics. Congrats on your beautiful purchase and your excitement!!
  3. This bag is on my wishlist.
  4. Very cute, glad the exchanged worked for you! Enjoy your new purse!
  5. I have and like it a lot great choice!
  6. ditto!

    Enjoy your new bag!:tup:
  7. So pretty!
  8. Congrats!!
  9. I think you made a great choice! Love the shoulder bag! :yes:
  10. Good for you! I love it when someone has the nerve to buck the system and not keep a bag just to OWN one!!! I purchased a bag one time and got stuck with it...it's not for me but an exchange was not an option as I had purchased this bag from a consignment site!

    So many gal's buy bags based on what everyone on TpF is buying, or drooling over and it's NOT the bag for them! I'm glad you decided on a bag you'll love instead of keeping the other just so you could own the spectator Sabrina!

    Gorgeous! Enjoy!!!
  11. Wow, Spectator is a lot more beautiful than I thought, I can't wait to see these IRL! Congrats on your exchange! She's absolutely beautiful. The leather is just divine. Enjoy her well!
  12. Love the colors
  13. Love it! Congrats!
  14. what a beautiful bag!! I love the pocket up front!
  15. Wow, she looks so great!!! I saw one at my boutique, but it was already scratched and the top seem'd yellow... and it was brand new, just received. I wanted her first but when i saw her at was surprised and chickend out... I wonder how long the white stripe on the top and bottom will stay white? I m still hoping to get either this one or another "solid" color, I think i prefer the spectator as your pics are gorgeous! Does she slouch? Does the shoulder strap feel "hard" or does it wear in? I love your pics!