Spectator lust.

  1. Many designers (YSL,Marc Jacobs, Bally) are making men's wear inspired spectators (i think that is the correct lable). They lace up and have a very high chuny heal. Which is the best if I have to choose one? Also, do you think a chunky heal flatters the leg - I find they are much more comfortable but I don't want to look too heavy or think. Thoughts?
  2. IMO, the YSL heel is a totally ugly stump (and I used to be a BIG fan of YSL!). The Jacobs not a whole lot better, and the Bally just about acceptable. There is a world of difference between a merely sturdy, gracefully shaped heel and a giant lump!
  3. I love the menswear inspired spectators, but so far, I have only found pairs that I "like," but that I am not 100% in love with. A pair of CL's Alicete that I bought in February are my commitment so far to this trend. Here are just some of the designer spectators that I have considered, but that I have not been "wow"ed enough to purchase:

    Marc Jacobs -- I like the design of his runway shoes with the 4"+ heel, but I don't like how I look in squared toe shoes. The color combination that stands out for me is a dark ruby, but I'm still not completely committed on these.

    YSL -- They're intersting, but the light colored stumpy heel just doesn't do it for me. Also, a few SAs told me that people have complained that the pointy toe and high pitch of the arch make it uncomfortable.

    Miu Miu -- I think MM's brightly colored spectators are a lot of fun. If I needed a fun pair of shoes, I would go with these. For a second, I thought about buying them in the beige/red color combo ... then I realized they stood out too much.
    1 - Marc Jacobs.jpg 1 - YSL.jpg 1 - Miu Miu.jpg
  4. Stiman - you totally get me! I don't think I could handle the YSL (for the reasons you stated). I am really into the Marc Jacobs - I don't mind the square toe. I saw an ox blood and white version in Bazaar. It had a platform toe. I also saw a satin pair, which I am not sure how anyone could wear without ruining. As far as the Miu Miu - they are really fun (I especially like the pairs with the ruffles) although I don't think I would invest in them. Do you have a picture of what you purchased? Have you seen the black and white Bally's?
  5. I swore off Steve Madden when I graduated from college - the designs are ripped off and the construction is awful. I know it is not everyone's cup of tea but I perfer the Marc Jacobs granny/librarian chic over the overtly sexy "Jessica Rabbit" stuff. But I do love a good peep toe!
  6. ^ I agree with hitchcock's assessment of SM - derivative and not at all well-made or comfortable.

    Getting back to the original topic, I have had my eye on the MJ shoes for a while and think I'm going to take the plunge. I agree wholeheartedly on the YSL line - ugh, first they go full-on stripper chic with the Tribute, then they go to utter grandma with the clunky wooden Charlotte heel (done much better IMO by MJ/Prada)? Go for the MJs or the Miu Mius :tup:
  7. FanAddict - which MJs are you going to get? Have a pic?
  8. I :heart: the YSL's! I think they are tres chic, but certainly not for everyone. I think the key to wearing that one is to make everything else SLEEK and CLEAN. Otherwise you do end up looking frumpy and stumpy. Those are def sitting-editor-of-Vogue, oozing-style-outta-armpits, I'm-so-much-more-stylish-than-you-can-ever-even-comprehend type shoes, def not following-the-trend type shoes. If I thought I could pull them off, I'd totally purchase them. As is, those will prolly end up as a collector item in the closet when they go on sale. :graucho:
  9. These are spectacular! Too bad I have no place to wear them.