Specific Hermes Items in leather availability

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  1. I was searching and thinking if we can have a thread where we can share information on Hermes Items, (esp popular ones (bags, small leather goods, etc)) with their leather availability (besides birkin and kelly of course which are available in many many leathers).

    For Example,
    Lindy Bag - available in swift, clemence, toile & leather (?), croc
    Kelly Pochette - evercalf, evergrain, swift, box, croc, lizard, ostrich

    Hopefully this will help those who are interested in particular items and would like to know in which leathers they are available in?

    Like for me, would like to know which leather karo clutch are available in ...

    Not sure if there is a thread on this already and I am so sorry if this is a double post :smile:.
  2. Great suggestion w.y.h:tup:

    As for the Karo it is available in swift and chevre (I think that it is chevre mysore but I am not 100% sure of this). There was also one sold last year in epsom on www.luxury-shops.com and I have also heard that it is available in croc. Perhaps someone else has more information?
  3. Opps, so there is a thread on this already? I have to check it out! Thanks, may

  4. Thank you, kashmira :smile::heart: There is a croc karo??? waowww.....didn't know that, never seen one too...