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  1. Does anyone want a JADE Nikki?

    Photo belongs to tPFer: mockinglee

    Photo belongs to tPFer: deeliciouz

    I do!!!

    So if you do too, please join :smile:
  2. They OK'd the Jade SO?? :nuts:
  3. Oh WOW!!! :wtf: If only I have the patience to wait out, I would jump on this.
  4. I'd go for a Mini Nikki. I owned the Jade Nikki and it was gorgeous. Incredibly soft and smooshy but too big. :sad:

  5. I'd be in for a Mini Too!!!!
  6. I would get mini too!!
  7. Hmm....maybe I should start a Jade Mini Nikki thread? Sorry annaversary, I didn't mean to high-jack yours!
  8. Aw :sad: too bad I don't like the MN.

    Good idea knasarae & it's okay :smile: I don't mind!

    I guess it's just me on this SO for now :P

    1) annaversary: old hardware - any black & white lining
  9. Aw :sad:

  10. I would love one!
  11. ^ Really?!?! Put your name on the list! & what kind of hardware & interior lining would you like?
  12. I don't really care about the hardware or lining (I know, that makes me totally crazy).

    I guess if I had to pick I like the new hardware or the old hardware (not crazy about mixed yet, but maybe if I see it IRL I will?) and black/white lining.
  13. Do you think they will actually make these or no? I've been looking on ebay... I can't believe RM doesn't make any olive/jadey green right now- it's such a great quasi neutral.
  14. ^ Nope. I don't think she's making them anymore because it is an old season color so it can only be made by Special Orders (which 12 people or more are needed to proceed)

    1) annaversary: old hardware - any black & white lining
    2) jordanjordan: old/new hardware - any black & white lining
  15. Annaversary- we only need 8 now! Think we can do it? I would love love love to have this bag!