special order in exotic?

  1. My mind is dreaming of skins I never used to dream of, ostrich, lizard, croc OH MY!:nuts:

    if you could special order a bicolor or tricolor exotic bag, what would it be? help me think of some very unique combinations?

    how about a HAC in blue jean croc with blue sapphire ostrich interior and beige rose lizard straps??? how crazy is that? in all seriousness though help me think of a stunner please...something to top anything i could dream of.:heart:
  2. I think all those purchases lately have made you CRAZY. :upsidedown:
    This is going to lose me points on this forum, but I really think exotics are very classy elegant bags and a tri-color's while they can be wild, are not.
    (Please dont throw things at me)
  3. LOL do not worry rene, that is the great thing here, we all have our unique likes and opinions ;)
    i have definitely lost my sanity with all the possibilities lately! i still need to devise a special order in preparation though, for the day it is a reality i should be ready....right Lucy????:graucho:

    i would love to have that bone color lizard in a big ole 35cm birkin!
  4. rene ok how about bicolor for regular birkin, what do you think is pretty?
    any color combo suggestions welcome, i want to explore my horizons.
  5. I'm a simple classic kind of girl, I would keep it simple. Maybe I should let the wild creative types take over the thread.
  6. yoo hoo....LUCY where R U???:sos: (tee hee, she will know who she is!)

    not even a bicolor suggestion? lol. gosh.
  7. I would do a shoulder birkin in Croc. They look great and so hard to find. Not sure of color yet
  8. Hmmm. You know, I saw a tricolor Kelly on eBay (I think??) recently and it was a stunner. I believe that one was etoupe, chocolate and another neutral. So that makes me think that maybe a subtle palette of colors for a croc tricolor would be quite fabulous and maybe a little more understated than a wild combo? Unless of course you really want a wild combo!! Then I say go for it, get what makes your heart sing!

    Brainstorming here...
    If I were to do neutrals, personally (and I am not sure which colors are offered in croc at the moment so bear with me), I would probably do miel/cocaon/rouge h combination in croc, or in lizard it would be bone/cocaon/etoupe or something similar.

    If it were to be bright colors...I personally would love braise with rouge h and cocaon. I tend to like more subtle contrast, apparently.

    That being said, a bleu roi/rose shocking combination could be amazing...maybe with white?
  9. OK here's a really crazy one: vert anis croc with rose shocking straps/sides. Yowza!!
  10. bone/cocaon/etoupe or something similar.

    ^^ i like this!

    i am not thinking so much wild but a real looker, KWIM? something worth going tricolor for....bone and honey and ebene or havanne? nice nice nice!
  11. Mmmmm. Like Opera Cake, or a layered coffee drink :tup:
    I really like this idea a lot. The difference between ebene and havanne in this case could be huge, too, if you think about it. I think ebene with bone & honey would be very neutral and overall read "brown", while adding havanne into the mix of bone & honey would probably make it more bold since there's so much red in the havanne color.
  12. Then again, ya know, that tricolor box Kelly that Victoria Beckham sports is quite a stunner. If you interpreted that into croc...WOW. I think it's a rouge h body with rouge vif (which I guess in croc would be braise) flap, and gold sides/straps, which in croc would be miel.
    Now that would make me weak in the knees.
  13. great ideas cyn thanks! i don't grin with glee at red but i am becoming excited about the brown/cream/tan exotic shades ideas...the next problem is will i be able to get those colors in the croc? maybe if we put our paws all together and pray they might lol.

    Hc Go for it!!

    peacock feather one.jpg peacock two.jpg
  15. cyn this could be very popular in Palm Beach lol!