Special order damier

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  1. Anyone s/o the damier speedy years ago before it became regular stock ? Do you still have it and how is it holding up?
  2. I bought a custom-order Damier Speedy 25 in 2004 before it came out in the regular line in 2006 (I think?). I remember the inside lining color was slightly different than the Damier Speedy 30 that I purchased from LV. I eventually sold the custom Speedy but I'm assuming that it has held up well. The only thing that I was annoyed with it was that my custom order price was still about $30 or $40 MORE than when the actual Damier Speedy was released in the regular line.
  3. Is it worth it to SO a Totally PM in Damier Ebene?
  4. ^^ They will not do it until this style has been out longer.
  5. How long is the punishing wait? Do you know? Thanks.