special occasion dinner.......

  1. which dress would you girls choose for a special birthday or anniversary dinner? :love:........i'm not sure which occasion i want to wear the dress for but it's definitely for a very very special occasion and so i want to look as hot as humanly possible :upsidedown:.....keep in mind i'm completely lacking in the chest department :hysteric: and i'm only 5'1...oh and not stick thin either......help :Push:

    oh and any other decently-priced dress selections would be most appreciated :heart:


  2. I like the first dress better. It's just more classy and fun at the same time. I just wore a bcbg bubble dress recently to an event. this is what it looks like (source Nordstrom.com). got lots of compliments and this dress make my chest look decent :graucho:

  3. nefredity that dress is beautiful.....im' totally obsessed with bubble skirts and dresses so it'd be perfect but i'm also completely obsessed with stretchy materials since i hate to be uncomfortable.......i hate making decisions :crybaby:
  4. hmm, I love all three dresses posted so far in this thread and am sure they would all work well. Although, honestly, I might like your second dress best -- the gray with trim. The black is still gorgeous, but the gray is something different.
  5. 1st one! :yes:
  6. i agree! i think that one is sexier and probably more comfy...

    although the bubble dress is gorgeous :love:
  7. I like the 1st dress.
  8. Out of the 2 choices, I like the first dress the most. I'm not fond of the ripples in the second dress.
  9. 1st one!
  10. I like the 2nd one better.I also like the dress nefredity posted.
  11. Yes the bcbg bubble dress is kinda snug in the top area... I couldn't eat a lot that night lol.....and I couldn't take a deep breath. What a girl has to sacrifice to look pretty :upsidedown:
  12. I agree. The first one!
  13. I say the first one. Its more classy and you can add some many fun accessories!! The BCBG bubble is also HOT. BUt i say stick with the first dress
  14. 1st because it looks more DVF (i.e. chic, classy, more sophisticated) or the one Nefredity suggested. The 2nd one, it's a bit loose at the waist.

    You are actually very lucky that you are lacking in the chest department because 1st and 3rd dress will look more elegant!
  15. 1st one, the second one probably won't be as flattering, at least I don't know who that cut actually flatters unless you're very thin.