Special K Chocolate Cereal

  1. YUM!!!!!!!!

    I bought a box the other nite & this is VERY yummy!!!

    So glad they came out with a new flavor b/c I was getting so bored of the Vanilla Almond & Strawberry one!!

  2. Oooh need to try that out soon :biggrin:
  3. It's so delicious and I don't feel guilty eating it!
  4. yup!!!

    i had 3 bowls yesterday!!


    man do i feel like a fatty mentioning food so much on this forum!!

  5. Yup-love it too-but I eat waaaaay too much of it!
  6. i saw a commercial for it, and bought it the next day!

    i like it...but the chocolate sinks to the bottom of the bowl!!
  7. never tried chocolate.. will go get it..

    i loved the vanilla one though

  8. lol!!! this is true!

    usually when i already ate all of the crisps...i have tons of chocolate pieces left over at the bottom!!
  9. Never tried and I didn't know that it is available ...

    I don't think it's out in UK... Maybe another 1-3 months ..
  10. i will have to try.. i love the chocolate special k cereal bars
  11. I have been looking all over for it-I am glad to hear it is yummy-can't wait until we get it here!
  12. Mmmm, I'll to go get a box ASAP!
  13. I was in Ecuador on vacation in December and they had a cereal that was like chocolate Rice Crispies and it was soooo good! Lol I ate lots of it at the Marriott breakfast buffet every morning -- if the Special K chocolate is that tasty I'll definitely be on to it quick!
  14. I've been dying to try this but always chicken out when I'm at the store :biggrin:

    What's it taste like? Cocoa puffs? Mmmm, cocoa puffs!
  15. We've had it in Germany for a while now, so I can't imagine that the UK doens't have it!