Scarves Special Edition Scarves

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  1. Hello to all!
    I read somewhere a while ago that Awoo was made in very limited amount in the format of 65x65, and either they were given for free to VIP guests attending some venue, or sold to VIP guests for raising funds for charity... can't remember where i read that to save my life!
    would really appreciate if someone can guide me further, TIA! :ty:
  2. There's one up on Poupishop with a description that says the scarf was for VIPs at an event for a watch with the Awooooo design:
  3. According to a seller with whom I corresponded as well as some research, it was a VIP gift at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie 2019 where Hermes released a special 8-piece edition of the Arceau Awooooo watch. No info about how many scarves were made, but quite a number popped up on the European eBays.
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  4. thank you!! :smooch:
    i'm pleased to be your twin! :biggrin:
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  5. I wonder are they the same?
    Thank you in advance. :heart:
  6. That is the 100cm version. Not sure if the 65cm cw was also made in 100cm. I've been meaning to check on that, but never got round to it.

    Yay! :hugs:
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  7. :love:Thanks
  8. i did, they are slightly different, the eyes of the Wolf in particular
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  9. Ah got it, thank you for pointed out.:heart:
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  10. most welcome! :smile:
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  11. SE Cosmographia Universalis for SF store opening...

    CF5191DE-BEA0-4E19-8E72-942791BD77AD.jpeg 7A7DC1BE-2EF5-4729-A9ED-0707E3DCE165.jpeg F73F211D-D8CC-4862-B079-8863AC274CAE.jpeg
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  14. Special CW for re-opening of San Francisco store. It also has San Francisco printed on one of the flags.
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