Scarves Special Edition Scarves

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  1. Yes, it will be. And as mentioned by @Angelian here, it'll come in more than one format. ;)
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  2. That is remained to be seen but we will know soon enough I hope since it is already April but there is the other issue now that someone is trying to scrutinize.
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  3. Does anyone e have any folded/tied photos of the other cw of the Saut H scarf?
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  4. My special Edition Quadrige au Fil ( for a moment ago I thought I lost it somewhere in Paris. I searched and searched, finally, it was still in it box. Untouched. Phewww. ( I have to rearrange all the boxes.)
    I bought this in Paris along with the Limited Hermes2002 bag. They are made to honor the day Hermes 42 Avenue George V reopen - November 2018.

    oops, I don't know if I post to the right place? IF Mod needs to readdress it, feel free to do so.
    Thank you for letting me share

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    Beautiful scarf! Is it 70 jacquard like S/S Quadrige au Fil?
  6. I am sorry to keep you waiting!
    I don't understand your question. :blush: What's S/S ?:blush::love:
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  7. Yes, it's exactly like the S/S edition except the George V label at the bottom.
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  8. Love your 2002 bag! :heart::heart: Is the surface silk or leather?
  9. I am glad that I have them both. Now I wonder if I should keep wearing them or to frame them. I love to frame them both, but I :angel:also want to enjoy wearing them. Sound so conflicting ... :angel:
    It is Silk. So I use it with a lot of care. I am really like it but after an hour keeping my hand clean without lotion and stuff, I am thinking I will keep it just as my eye candy. Too much work :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::yes::yes::yes:, I am much more relaxed with my B and K on daily basic. :blush:
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  10. Thank you for answering the question for me :heart::heart::heart::heart:
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  11. S/S - Spring/Summer season :blush:
  12. :heart::heart::heart:Got it and Thank you:heart::heart::heart:
  13. Ahhhh I am twin with you on this special edition.

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  14. A wonderful eBay find. Monte Carlo scarf only available for sale in Monaco. Scarf designed for society des Bains de mer. 65342B8F-F79A-4134-B552-5CC830103DD1.jpeg 6A95DC36-924C-466A-BAA8-947F3A97ED47.jpeg C46D80CC-ED43-4FF8-84DC-570555F7D5C4.jpeg C8197997-4DA0-49AF-ADA3-F8CCEBCBF07A.jpeg